Environment can Matter!

 Saturday, March 16, 2013      

EIE Challenge Tip of the Day 15:  A tip from San. Before you decide to satisfy a craving or eat something you know you shouldn’t, think about how you will feel after you have eaten it. Think about any feelings or guilt or regret and it may help deter you from wanting it, and you get to feel good about yourself and avoid those uncomfortable feelings. 


Overhead band distraction
Posterior Chain flossing
Internal rotation with a bar

Classic Strength:

5 x 3 Front Squats – rest 1 minute 

Note: Focus on depth and position.


Classic Conditioning:

4 Rounds

run 400m
15 burpee pull-ups

–       20 min Cap-


Advanced Strength:

5 x 2 Pause Front Squats with Bounce – rest 60sec

Note: Hold the bottom position for 3 seconds. Go as heavy as possible. Focus on depth and position.


Advanced Conditioning:

Run 800
30 Muscle-ups
Run 800

– 20 min Cap –


 Cool Down:

German Hang
Calf Stretch
Couch Stretch



Doing it with the Cheer Squad!

I had a strange experience a few days ago. And it happens all too frequently. It reminded me how important your environment and the people you workout with can be to your performance. 

Part of my workout included 30″ burpee box jumps. Setting up, I was unable to get myself to jump on the box. I know I’ve done it before. I’ve even dont it in O-lifts. But every time I walked towards that box and wanted to go for it, Something inside of me refused to allow me to jump. Eventually I got sick of trying to psych myself up to do it, and I knew I was capable, so I simply said I’ll figure it out, lets start the workout!

Obviously I was terrified. It was a short, 10 minute am rap. What if i was stuck at that stupid box jump for the entire 10min? We started the clock. I was sharing a box with Suver. It was my turn to jump on the box, so i dropped into my burpee and next thing i knew I was standing on that box. Then I dropped into that burpee and jumped up again. All of a sudden the height of the box was no longer an issue. I was able to keep moving for the entire Amrap, hardly slowing down at all. 

Did this wrkout teach me how to jump to a 30″ box? NO. I had done it before. Furthermore, after the amrap I wanted to jump on the box again because of how satisfying it felt to be able to do it, but had as quickly as I had gained the ability, alo lost it again. So somehow my ability to jump onto that box only existed in the 10 min time frame that I was working out and had to be able to do it in order to participate.

I feel like the open has been similar for many of you. We usually want everyone to scale appropriately for their ability, in order to get the most out of the workout. When it comes to the open workouts though, either you do the movement and weight and participate, or you simply keep trying until you run out of time. And I have seen amazing things happen. The Saturday Night Lights has given you guys such energy and purpose. I find it so exciting to see all the Snatch Prs, and people moving faster than I have ever seen you guys move before. So I urge all of you who have yet to observe one of these nights, to come out to the next one and see what the energy can do. 

And see what motivates you. Why is it that the Open is allowing you to suddenly snatch 15ibs more than you’ve ever done before? Is it the sense of purpose, is it the camaraderie? Now imagine if you had that which pushed and motivated you this time with you every time you workout. Would you be working out at a higher intensity? Would that improve your workout results? 

Make the most out of this experience, there’s only three weeks left! GO PCFers!


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