CrossFit Games Open Registration DEADline!


The deadline to register and input your first score is this Sunday, March 10!!

Paradiso Crossfit Sectionals 2012 Games Week Two

On March 6th, the CrossFit Games Open will begin as the first workout is announced to the world and the nearly 20,000 registered competitors. This is the other side of CrossFit. There is the day to day grind in each affiliate with members of all levels trying to better themselves and best their personal records and those of their buddies. Then there is the Sport of CrossFit, where the best athletes hope to make it to the culminating event, the CrossFit Games, held just down the 405, in Carson.
We want everyone to sign up for the Open, yet you may be saying to yourself that there is no way you are prepared to take on competitive level workouts…but that is not the point!  We guarantee that the vast majority of people all over the world registered for the Open will not have much of a chance in even making it to Regionals, the gateway event before the games. People sign up because it is an incredible barometer of where you are as an athlete and because you have no idea what you are capable of.  The Open workouts are often designed so that they ascend in difficulty as the workout progresses. For example, a workout from last year contained heavier and heavier snatches where only the top level athletes would make it to the maximal weight. But, the workout started very light and nearly everyone who registered was able to post a score, see where they placed, and possibly contribute to the overall score for our gym and our hopes of going to Regionals. In this workout particularly, we watched many athletes PR on their snatch and then do that weight multiple times as other gym members cheered the athletes on and judges counted reps.
This brings me to how our gym does the Open. We call it Friday Night Lights. The first workout is released on Wednesday, March 6th and a new workout is released each following Wednesday for five weeks. Athletes have until the Sunday of that week to post their score for the week’s workout. Scores must be observed and judged by someone at the affiliate in which you train. We have organized this process into a weekly event during the Open. This year, on Friday nights, we want as many registered athletes as possible to come to the MDR spot and complete the week’s workout in what is sure to be a raucous atmosphere of support. If you have never done this before, I promise it is far more empowering than intimidating, athletes of every level are equally supported and everyone performs better than they would otherwise. Our goal this year is to get as many people as possible to register for the Open and hopefully, like we did last year, send a team to Regionals to represent our gym on a larger stage.
This is an exciting time of year and we want everyone to be involved! Registration is an easy process done through the CrossFit Games site for a fee of $25. The Everything is Everything Challenge and The Open are directly related.  If you know you are going to be performing a workout against the rest of the world each Friday night for five weeks, you are going to be more inclined to eat right and sleep well during the week. It might even become a regular thing at that point and the next challenge that comes up will be a mute point for you as health and fitness have become ingrained. That is our ultimate goal!

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