Everything is Everything Challenge – Start Date!

The Everything is Everything (aka the Everyone Should sign up and Change their lives) Challenge officially starts Monday 2/25/13!

The details of the 6 week Challenge are  HERE if you haven’t had a chance to look them over.

1. Did I say this already…EVERYONE SHOULD SIGN UP!   Sign up at the Gym or shoot us an email and say that you are in!  Do it!!

 2. There are NO OBLIGATIONS to do anything other than to see how much you can improve in a 6 week time frame!  Our recommendation is to follow the 201 Nutrition Template and attend class at least 3 times a week, but that’s up to you!

 3. DON’T WORRY about the Before/After pic!   In hopes of relieving some of this stress, I just posted pictures of myself wearing tight European cat underwear on Facebook!  Seriously, this is an important and easy way to see physical adaptation and development and we hope it does not hold you back from participating!

  Note: This information will remain confidential and will not be shared without prior consent. For the voting at the end, we are working on a system that will not allow your picture to be shared via email or found on the internet.

 4. WORK AND TRAVEL conflicts are normal!   6 weeks is a long time and life is unpredictable!  We must learn to develop habits around that reality and learn that we have the power to make positive choices every day, no matter what our situation!

 5. DON’T WORRY if you cannot do a pushup or pullup or run a mile very fast or lift a lot of weight!

  You are only competing against yourself!  Use this Challenge as an opportunity to get better at all of these things!!  Notes: You are still allowed to test scaled down versions of these movements to see how you improve!

Please talk to your coaches and/or email us with any questions you have about the challenge or if you are still unsure, why you should sign up!  Feel free to throw a comment in our Suggestion Box, too! 🙂


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