Paleo Cereal

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Internal Rotation Smash w/ barbell
Reverse Plank
15 GHD Hip extensions

Group Warm-up:

Jog 400 meters
10 Perfect Burpees
Jog 200 meters
10 Strict Pull-ups


Take 20 minutes to establish a 1 RM Bench Press

Open Gym Testing Day!  Make up something you missed this week or perform tests for the EIE Challenge!

Partner Cool Down:

 1-10 Toes to bar
*To be performed in a “you go, I go” fashion.
**Sub with v-ups if needed


Are you tired of eggs in the morning? Maybe miss cereal? I know as a kid I freaking LOVED cereal and all the different kinds!!! That shit is so bad for you, filled with gluten and an immense amount of sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup!) So here is my version of getting that fix! Sometimes we all want to feel like a kid again, right?! : ) It definitely is no fruity pebbles (one of my favs as a kid), but it does the trick and is very delicious!

Speaking of sugar I just recently did the 21-day sugar detox (from Diane Sanfillipo). I decided to do it at the beginning of the year to re-set after the holidays getting me back on track for the new year ahead. The detox is basically a super super strict paleo with also eliminating fruit. Throughout the 21-days I felt great with sustaining energy through the whole day, skin cleared up a bit more than usual, TMI but time of the month was better (not as moody, less cravings, less bloating, and less cramps), and I also leaned out a little more. I also liked that it was 21-days instead of 30, just seemed more manageable for me at the time. Maybe if anyone is interested to taking the nutrition challenge a step further you could add the 21-day detox in the mix!?!

Here is a video that I have watched twice now about sugar. It has a lot of good info and can be very eye opening. It is a long video (1:29), but I believe worth it to watch… “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

Below is a granola and homemade almond milk recipe. Combine the two and you will have some awesome paleo cereal! You can even top with fruit and add a protien of choice on the side, making a complete meal : ) I have made different versions of the granola! Using goji berries, currants, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, etc. All my substitutions and additions have been a success. I have even cut down on the honey and it is still delicious! With the almond milk it is suprisingly easy and delish! After blending and straining the pulp from the milk, you can set aside the pulp to use for other recipes (utilizing the whole almond.) When I made the milk I used the pulp to make homemade crackers and hummus! Hit me up if you would like the pulp recipes or just use the google search engine (which is what I did : )) Or you can toss the remaining almond pulp on a cookie sheet covered in foil to dry it out in the oven at 175. Just bake until it is all dried out and you will have your own homemade almond meal. As always, enjoy and be creative!!!

Grainless Granola 

Yields: Approximately 8c.


  • 3 Cup almond meal
  • 1.5 Cup shredded, unsweetened coconut
  • 1 Cup raw pumpkin seeds, slightly toasted
  • 1 Cup  raw slivered almonds or pecan pieces
  • 1 Cup  dried fruit or berries
  • 1/3 Cup coconut oil, melted + ~2 Tbs., crumbled
  • ¾-1 Cup honey
  • 1 Tbs. vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp. salt


1. Heat oven to 350.

2. Toast pumpkin seeds 5-7 min. 

3. Mix all ingredients (except for the dried fruit/berries) together in large bowl. 

4. Spread in a thin layer onto 1-2 baking sheets. 

5. Sprinkle w/ small crumbles of solid coconut oil.

6. Bake 2-3 min, then mix to help distribute melted coconut oil. 

7. Bake for ~10 min, stirring occasionally. 

8. Check and lower oven to 325, if needed. Bake 5-15 min more.  Granola will be a medium golden-brown color. 

9. Let sit to cool so mixture becomes crispy. *Be careful not to burn, keep a close eye on it.

10. At the end add the dried fruit or berries.

(You can play with the ingredients: You can choose different nuts, seeds, berries, or add cocoa nibs or coconut flakes. BE CREATIVE to satisfy your taste buds!)

Homemade Almond Milk

(P.S. This is a 2 day process because of the soaking of the almonds.)

Yields: Approxiamtely 2-3 cups


  • 1 Cup raw almonds
  • 2-3 Cups water
  • You will need a nut milk bag or cheese cloth with Strainer


1. Soak almonds overnight (12-24 hours.)

2. Drain almonds.

3. Throw almonds and 2-3cups of water  in high-powered blender (less water makes it for a creamier milk.)

4. Blend!

5. Strain with cheese cloth or milk bag into a bowl to seperate pulp. Squeeze out as much liquid as you can.

6. Drink and ENJOY!!

*You could add vanilla extract, honey, or dates to sweeten it if you like, either way it is absolutley delicious and you will not want that shit out of the box again ; )

**If adding Vanilla Extract and Dates to sweeten, you can add at the blending point. Ratio 3 Dates and 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract. I would do the same for honey and just taste as you add it.

***Fresh almond milk will keep in the refrigerator for about three to four days. Make sure to store it in an air tight container.




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