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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bring a Friend (or enemy) Day!

Group Mobility/Warmup:

Run 400m
Inch Worm
10 Squats
Gristle and Groiners
10 Burpees


5 rounds for Quality:

5 Strict Pullups
10 Ring Pushups

Rest no more than 30 seconds between movements

Notes:  The sets can be broken up as needed.  For the pullups, be sure to control both the way up and down with a full ROM!  For the pushups, focus on a rigid body position and adjusting the angle to ensure a full ROM (biceps touch the rings and lockout with turnout at the top)


Partner Conditioning!

15 minute AMRAP:
200 meter Sprint with plate (45/25)
20 Box Jumps, alternating
20 Partner Burpees, alternating
Row 200 meters EACH
20 DB Push Press
20 Partner Situps


Notes:  For the Sprint, each athlete will have their own plate and will run at the same time.  Box Jumps are one athlete jumps up/down and then the partner goes, each athlete will perform 10 reps.  Partner Burpees are completed by jumping over your partner.  DB Push Press can be split up however you like.  Partner situps are performed by locking arms and performing all 20 reps together.


Cool Down:

10 Wall extentions
Couch Stretch
Active hang
Calf Stretch


Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable!

I believe crossfit is about being prepared for anything. Being ready to perform a given task at any given moment. Becoming accustomed to feeling uncomfortable. Crossfit competitions are becoming more and more taxing in that sense. The winter shakedown today only released one of our workouts on tuesday, another on friday, and our last workout will be released at 10 am. How are we supposed to prepare for something like that?

The idea is, our training has already prepared us… all we need to do is have courage and show up and do our thing. This is crossfit. And this is why I want to give a special shout out to Alexandra Causey, Lindsey Stoddard and Josh Kovach.  They have accepted the challenge to perform in their first crossfit competition without much notice. They simply jumped on board and are willing to do their thing. 

The Winter Shakedown is an extremely competitive southern California team competition. It sold out within the first 10 minutes of registration. Luckily we registered one team, and had another on the wait-list. Thursday we were told our wait-listed team could particiapte. The only problem was, we no longer had a team to take the spot. But how could we give up the opportunity to send another PCF team to represent. So we accepted the additional spot and then sought out a team. I am so proud of these individuals. Saying yes with so little time to prepare. I am glad I get to be there and witness their first comp. 

Wish us all (McCoy, Suver, Joe D, Sean D, Alexandra, Linsey, Josh and I) the best out there, we will be sure to represent! 

And have fun with your buddies and foes today, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 



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