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Monday January 28, 2012

Weekly programming links:  Group Class, BBG, Gymnastics!

Bring a Friend (or enemy) Day on Saturday!


Ankle Mobility
Assisted Bottom of the Squat
Hip Extension with Band
Keg Drill

Group Warmup:

10 Overhead Squats with Barbell
10 Strict Toes to Bar (control up and down)
10 High Bar Back Squats with light weight
10 Toes to Bar (kipping)

Classic Strength:

15 minutes to work up to find Heaviest set of 2 reps for High Bar Back Squat

Advanced Strength:

High Bar Back Squat
2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 60 sec between sets


50 Walking Lunges
20 Overhead Squats (95/65/45)
20 Toes to Bar
50 Walking Lunges
15 Overhead Squats
15 Toes to Bar
50 Walking Lunges
10 Overhead Squats
10 Toes to Bar

-15 min cap-

Notes: If you cannot perform a full depth squat with a quality overhead position, substitute Front Squats.  If you need to scale or sub the Toes to Bar, you can perform v-ups, situps, GHD sit-ups or partial ROM kipping toes to bar.

Cool Down:

2×10 Wall Extensions
Pigeon Stretch
Couch Stretch
Foam Roll Legs and Lats

My good friend Brad from Chicago enjoying his first visit to PCF:)

This Saturday we are hosting our Bring a Friend (or enemy) Day!  For all those that have talked about giving it a try, complain about how much you talk about CrossFit, say they are already in shape and don’t need CrossFit, or just someone you want to watch suffer, this is your chance to show them what Paradiso CrossFit is all about!  The hours and class structure will remain the same, with a basic strength portion and a fun partner workout!  You can check what we will be doing in the programming HERE.  Contact us if you have any questions!


In response to a few questions from our Suggestion Box:


  Is Beyond the Whiteboard going to have the Paradiso CrossFit workouts or are we going to have to add them on our own from now on? The workout posted for today is a run, which is not what we did in class (or listed in the group programming). It would be great if they could be posted at the start of the day so we could log our workouts right after class.

Agree completely!  We have now put our BTWB updates on a schedule so it will be input before the first class on Monday each week.  This will include both the Classic and Advanced versions when applicable, as well as the workouts from Track Night, Swim night, BBG and Gymnastics on certain days (that’s why you saw the run.)


Any plans to do a nutrition challenge soon? How often do the coaches get retrained? Do you do any type of train the trainer program? I think this would help prevent the coaches from always explaining lifts and movements the same way. There is so much to explain for each of the olympic lifts–it’s hard to remember everything.

Yes, stay tuned for a Nutrition Challenge coming soon!  As for the coaches, we have almost weekly meetings and daily discussions on our staff FB group where we share ideas about how to improve our teaching methods, including articles, podcasts and videos that we found helpful.  As coaches, our job is to get you to perform movements properly.  Our approach to this process is to have a standardized teaching method for the basics of a movement.  We do this, because as you state above, there is a lot to remember!  Using the Olympic Lifts as an example, we have completely changed this process over the years.  Our progression is now the 3 positions, making contact with the hips and a solid receiving position.  This is simply the jumping off point for coaching the lifts.  If you are working with a certain coach that keeps using the same cue over and over and you still don’t get it, try a different coach!  Zeb and I joke about moments in our coaching history that we find ourselves struggling to get an athlete to understand a movement.  Trying multiple cues, physically manipulating the athletes body, demonstrating the movement and still no progress.  Then all of a sudden, a member, not even a coach, strolls up and says something that the athlete understands immediately!  This doesn’t make us a bad coach or wrong with what we were saying, just that there are literally hundreds of ways to say the same thing!  Our goal is to educate each other, share what works and what doesn’t and continually develop a bigger coaching tool box.


  I thought it would be nice to have the nutrition posts added to the nutrition web page. It would be nice to have one location with all the good recipes.

We are working on this.  We have also heard from multiple people that our CrossFit 201 Nutrition Packet is not easy to find.  D’oh!  Look forward to a revamping of the Nutrition Link on the left side this week, including a reorganization of our recipes!


  Can you make it so we can stay signed in to the scheduler on our home computers so it’s easier to register for class times?

Unfortunately we do not have this capability.  We spoke with Zenplanner about this, and they cannot help either.   The only recommendation we have is to use the ‘Zenplanner’ iPhone app, which does keep you logged in and is super easy.  Hope you have an iPhone:)

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