Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mobility/Warm Up

100 Double Unders (or less)
10 Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Strict Pull Ups
W/ Barbell
 – 10 Good Mornings
 – 10 Strict Press
 – 10 Pause Back Squats
Review Movements for Strength


1a) 5X3 Snatch First Pulls – heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 5X3 Pendlay Rows – heavy, rest 45 sec
1c) 5X3 Split Press – heavy, rest 45 sec.

Notes: The Snatch First Pull should be heavier than the athlete’s one rep max snatch and the same weight can be used for the Pendlay Rows. A second lighter barbell can be used for the split press or weight can be changed in the rest period. Dumbbells may be subbed for the split press as well.


Choose one…

Row: 4X500m – rest 2:1 – 30 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Run: 4X400m – rest 2:1 – 25 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Notes: All work should be at 90-95% Effort. If you ran last week, row this week and vice versa. Remember there are still no Rowers at the Venice location!


Cool Down

50 Situps (as time allows)
Pigeon, 1 min each
Samson Stretch, 1 min each

Day2 016
Pre HGH Zeb.

I want to start by urging everyone to go to the Nutrition Specialty class tomorrow night at 8pm. If you have not attended one of these it will provide invaluable information toward reaching your fitness goals. I used to doubt the importance of nutrition with this whole CrossFit thing. Then I tried it and stayed with it for over a month. I never went back. Although my diet has evolved into what I would call Performance Paleo, it is still centered around the simple maxim of eating meat, vegetables, and good fats (and some dairy). It is not as hard as it seems and it becomes just as simple as going to the gym putting out for an hour. They are completely intertwined. 

The next topic I want to talk about is hands. They take a beating in here between the barbell and the gymnastics. No one is immune to this and while everyone hands go through a break in period, there is a limit to what they can take day in and day out. That being said, each athlete should take what steps they can to protect and treat their hands so they can hit each workout with proper intensity. As I delved deeper into the Olympic lifts on a daily basis, I came across the issue of hand care from a podcast. I tried simple steps and they have been integral to the upkeep of my hands and allow me to train harder for longer. So here is what I do after every workout. – 1. Wash hands thoroughly immediately. Chalk dries out the skin and dry skin cracks and tears. Clean each calus as needed. 2. I apply Badger Balm and rub it into my hands after washing them. During these winter months I use the balm more than once a day. This Badger Balm, which can be found at Whole Foods for about $10 a can, is a natural product made to moisturize and heal dry aggravated skin. It seems to work as my hands are far more resilient then they were. 3. If you have particularly raised calluses that might catch and tear in a workout, shaved or cut these down to smoothness. 

Other than that, keep coming in and training hard! Everyone at both locations seems fired up and I know we coaches are doing everything we can to evolve keep offering the best possible training environment. And keep asking questions! 

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