Fallen Fruit

Friday, January 4, 2013

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Row 500m
Ankle Mobility
Hip Extension with Band
Posterior Chain Flossing with Band

Group Warmup

Hip Prep
High Bar and Low Bar Back Squat review

Barbell Gymnastics

Classic Programming

High Bar or Low Bar Back Squat 5 x 5

Notes: Use whichever position you prefer.  We want you to experience loading with full range of motion and spotting.

Advanced Programming

Low Bar Back Squat 3 x 10, absolute heaviest possible per set.

Notes: Only attempt this if you have been Crossfitting with us for several months to a year.  This is a very advanced protocol and extremely taxing.  70% to 80% of your 1RM is a worthy goal, and you may need 5 to 10 minutes rest between sets.

 Use spotters and hold on to your guts!


AMRAP 7 minutes:
12 Wall Ball shots (20/14)
12 Burpees

Cool Down

1 Strict Pull-Ups
15 Strict Toes to Bar or Knees to Elbows

Aims and Red demo the high bar back squat.  Catch them at open gym!

The amazing Mary Haynes recently told me about a cool organization, Fallen Fruit, that provides maps for local fruit bearing trees located in public spaces.  According to the city of Los Angeles, it is not illegal to pick these trees as long as they are located in a public space, even if they are hanging over a fence from a private residence.  As long as its over the sidewalk or other public space, it’s fair game.

 Check out the maps homepage for a plethora of locations in Los Angeles: Venice Beach, Echo Park, LACMA, Sunset Junction, Sherman Oaks, and Silverlake.  They are also currently working on a publicly funded orchard located in Hawthorne by LAX.  

Imagine picking your own organic, pesticide free, non-GMO fruit on your neighborhood stroll or early morning run!  We take for granted the fact that we have year round access to super markets stocked with seasonal fruit from around the globe.  But even as recently as a couple of generations ago you would only have access to what was local and seasonal.  Foraging for fruit in this manner is a fantastic way to interact with your community and connect with your hunter gatherer ancestors.  I love the instruction on the local maps: “Take only what you need.  Say ‘hi’ to strangers.  Share your food.  Take a friend.  Go by foot.”  Next time you are out and about, pay attention to the local flora and see if you spot any hidden gems!

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