Wednesday 1/02/2013

Reminder! Track Night will be at the GYM tonight


Double Under Practice – 3 minutes
Super Rack 
Assisted Bottom of the Squat
10 Explosive Jumping Squats (Deep Squat to High Jump)

Group Warm Up (w/ Barbell)

5 Jumping Good Mornings
5 Strict Press
5 Front Squat
5 Hang Clean Pulls
5 Hang Clean
5 Jerks

Barbell Gymnastics:

20 minutes to find a max Shankle Complex!

 Notes:  Shankle Complex is 1 Deadlift + 3 Clean Pulls + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 2 Jerks.  If you are uncomfortable with this complex, practice Hang Squat Clean and Push Jerk.  McCoy 275 (we think), Zeb 260.

Team WOD!

4 Rounds per athlete, relay style

Row 250 meters
10 burpees
30 Double unders

 Notes:  15 box jumps may be subbed for the 30 double unders if the athletes double unders are not awesome.

Cool Down

Calf Stretch, 1 minute each
Pigeon, 1 minute each
Reverse Plank, 1 minute


Movements in CrossFit have standards for two reasons. The most obvious is due to CrossFit being a competitive endeavor every time the clock starts and standards of movements allow for each athlete to be measured equally. 

The second necessity for standards is by far the most important and the one that we as coaches strive daily to hammer into each athlete. Full range of motion, proper positioning, and attention to technique regardless of the clock makes for far greater development over the long term. When I first joined Paradiso, it was a rude awakening to be immediately called out by Zeb and Diso on my shitty standards. I was not horrible but like many of us, I did not squat deep enough, I shorted pull ups, and in the middle of a workout I would resort to some violently bad technique to handle a weight I probably should not have started with. Over time, I learned to swallow my pride and give due diligence to each individual movement regardless of it slowing me down. This ended up being the single most important factor in my development as a competitive exercise person. As I have stated before, there is no substitute for strength and being strong throughout a complete range of motion and going through that range efficiently is everything. 

To continue the development of movement for each member and to better help everyone who walks through our doors reach their athletic potential, we will begin offering specialized classes to help master the basics of higher skill movements like the snatch, clean and jerk, handstand, and gymnastic kip. These classes will hammer down the details of efficient and safe movement and give each athlete a baseline that they can carry through each workout. Repetition of good basic movement will allow each member to continually make progress to reach their goals. The first class will be tomorrow night and while they will be initially oriented toward those new members just coming off their intro class, longer tenured members are urged to use these classes as refreshers and skill work to fill the gaps in the their training. Whether attending these classes or not, I implore each member to consider going back to the basics of every movement and looking at there they can improve from a standard and efficiency standpoint. It may slow you down or limit the weight, but in the long run you will develop far beyond what you thought possible.

Zeb’s 260lb Shankle Complex

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