Holiday Hike!


The Venice location has taken up most of our time and resources, so we never had a chance to plan one of our famous PCF Holiday parties! We are definitely going to have a blow out, Grand Opening Party in the New Year, but I think we need to do something to celebrate the Holidays now!

The Plan:

Get as many people as possible to head up to Malibu and do a 9 mile loop up near County Line. With a high likelihood of rain, a legit distance and hopefully a ton of people, I’m anticipating an adventurous time! Afterwards we can head down to Neptune’s Net to destroy piles of peel and eat shrimp! I know this is totally last minute, but I figured a lot of people will be gone by next weekend and the more the merrier!!

Holler in comments below if you plan on attending so we can figure out driving! Hey-oooo!


2010 Holiday Party Bus Trip to Point Dume (in the rain)!!


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