Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Weekend Reminder!  The box will be CLOSED this Saturday and Sunday, December 8th and 9th.  We will have Beach WODs both days and yes, you may bring your family and friends!!!


Overhead band distraction, 30 sec per arm
10 Bar activations
Ankle mobility, 1 minute per ankle
Keg drill, close grip, 1 minute

Group warm up:

Review gymnastic warm up and movements.

Gymnastics warm up, same for Heroic and Legendary athletes.

20 minutes or 4 – 5 rounds of:
5 Butterfly Pull ups
8 Pistols
6 Strict Handstand Push ups
4 Muscle ups (or transitions)

     Notes:  The advanced athlete can move through these movements on their own accord.  The rest of the class will use this time as 20 minutes of skill work.  You may spend the entire time working on developing these skills rather than completing a specific amount of reps or rounds.  Scale accordingly!

Heroic Conditioning:

12 minute AMRAP
6 Push Presses, 95/65
8 Pull ups
10 KB Swings, 53/35

Legendary Conditioning:

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
6 Push Presses, 115/75
8 Pull ups
10 Kettlebell Swings, 70/53

     Notes:  If you fail to finish a round within the minute, finish out the round and rest the remainder of the minute you bled into, then pick up again at the top of the next minute.  E.g. – completed 10 swings at 9:10, rest 50 seconds, begin again at 10:00 . . . and only complete 11 rounds – do not make up missed reps at the conclusion of 12 minutes.  The goal here is to work on doing unbroken sets, and efficiency.

Cool down:

Active bar hang, 30 seconds cumulative
Pigeon, box or floor, 30 seconds each leg
Samson Stretch, 30 seconds each leg



No long, pontificating post tonight.  Just some class tips and reminders.

Mobility – Yes, we know it’s a long list of stuff and there’s no way you can finish it in the 5 minutes we give you before the group warm up.  Our mobility lists are only suggestions for what we think is best for the movements ahead, and it’s assumed that you come in early and do some light jogging/rowing/jump roping and DROM and have time to do mobility also.  If you have time to do it all before the group warm up, awesome.  If not, it’s okay!  Choose one or two that work for you and go for it.

Ask and study – If there are movements you are unfamiliar, ask one of the trainers or check out the video on one of our state of the art computers in the office.


Check out the new Coaches Bio page!


What book are you reading right now, and why?  What books are on your queue?

I’m re-reading The Hobbit before the movie comes out, because I love LOTR and I love how Tolkien writes.  Nerds, give me a YEAH!  2 books in the queue are Lone Survivor and Warrior Soul, thank you Ryan Craig, because I love Spec Ops biographies.  Sandy Hill, if you’re reading this, I remember some books you mentioned last time that intrigued the sh#t out of me.  Let’s talk!


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