One of our three Olympic Lifts, the Jerk is the most efficient way to get a weight from our shoulders to over our head.  Both types of Jerks are demoed in the video above, click on each of the following for explanations:  Split Jerk and Push Jerk.  Make sure you read the scaling and saftey tips below as well.


Safety Tip:  If you do not have a quality overhead position, be careful performing high volume reps or weight of this movement.  An easy test is to perform Wall Extensions:  if you struggle to keep your hands in contact with the wall, you are a prime candidate for scaling this movements.  Read below for scaling and mobility suggestions.


Scaling/Substitution Suggestions:

First and foremost, use lighter weight and work on finding better position

Strict Press

Push Press


Mobility Suggestions:

Overhead Band Distraction

Foam Roll Lats

Keg Drill

T-spine Smash

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