Saturday, November 24, 2012

Row 500m
Keg Drill 2 min
10 PVC OH Squats
10 GHD Situps
10 GHD Hip Extensions
10 barbell OH Squats 

Barbell Gymnsatics
20 min to establish 1 RM Snatch 

Notes:  Ideally this will be a squat snatch.  Prioritize contact with the hip and a solid overhead position.  This means that you may start from the Hang position.  If you have a solid overhead squat position but struggle to receive the bar in that deep position, either keep the weight light and work on your form or perform your best snatch plus an overhead squat.

4 Rounds
5 Back Squats (250/160)
10 KB Push Press (24/16)
15 Chest to Bar Pullups

Notes: The Back Squats and kettlebells are supposed to be heavy, but you should not need a spotter! Share racks with a partner of similar height/slash athletic ability if possible. Sub dumbbells and regular pullups if needed.  Work with each other and your instructor logistically and in spirit, and it will be great.

Cool Down
10 wall extensions
pigeon on the box 1 min per side
cat on the box 1 min
quad on the wall 1 min per side 



Deep Contemplation!

I had a conversation recently with one of our members, a professor, and discussed her frustration with her students. They didn’t seem to care about their assignments or put effort into their work. Diso chimed in how this related to high school kids and the importance of communicating that there is a purpose to learning math. It teaches problem solving. Its not about the math problem itself or figuring out a certain equation, but going through the process. I believe there are many such lessons that we learn in life.

Sometimes i wonder whether college was a waste. What does my current job have to do with Psych and Comp Lit? Why go to UCLA for what i now do? But then i think about how much a learnt in terms of how to think, how to communicate and how to relate, and i compare that to the endless facts i learned in my disciplines. I don’t remember the facts today, but how i developed arguments and thought about those facts are skills a still possess. 

Even more importantly, the opportunities i had in college developed me immensely. Whether it was the due dates, the need to perform well on a given task, or how to balance a fun life with the stress of the work I had to do. In many ways I failed, but i learnt. And I would argue that now i am just in another phase of learning. Sometimes its not about the workout. Its about how you respond to what you care about. Its about how to listen to your body’s needs, taking control over your health and fitness, implementing change in your life and knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. With every struggle you can react in different ways. Hopefully every time you get pushed to a limit, you realize, and you develop as a person and grow through those struggles. Even if its just about becomming more profiient at a movmemnet. Its adressing a need and fulfilling a personal goal. Corssfit can become an environment to develop self-conficdence. That confidence tends invite admiration and thus you can further implement positive changes on others around you.

So I challenge you to address the goals in your life, as meaningless as they may seem, with purpose. The process itself can be more important than the goal appears. So grow and develop through self awareness and active participation in your life and your environment.  

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