Surprise yourself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jog 200 meters
10 Wall squats
Samson stretch, 1 minute each
Banded shoulder distraction, 1 minute each
**Read notes about what’s to follow….

High Bar Back Squat:  1×5 @80%, 2×3@85%,  2×2, 2×1@90%- Rest 2 minutes between sets

4 rounds each for total time of:
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Wall balls (20/14#)

Notes:  The first round of this workout will be used as a warm up BEFORE the back squats to give an idea of pacing and round length.  Finish the mobility quickly, grab a stopwatch, and time yourself doing one full round of the workout.  Based on this baseline, scale the reps/distance to keep intervals at 3 minutes or less for all rounds!

Cool down:
Calf stretch, 1 minute each
Quad on wall stretch, 1 minute
Plow stretch, 1 minute

This happened.

Congrats to everyone that rose to the challenge and came in to do Fran last week.  As prescribed.  For the first time.   Whatever fears, insecurities, injuries, and the other mental limitations you walked in with, you left with a new found sense of strength and the belief that you are capable of much more.

  It’s also worth mentioning that unless someone told you to do it, many of you never would have.  Fran was a great reminder that our perceived limitations are often in our head and if you need someone to gently kick you in the ass (read: encourage), just ask!


Reminder:  Tomorrow is Halloween!  Workout has been “adjusted” to keep wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum.  (Read: Costumes recommended)

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