The Mini Open

Saturday, October 26 2012

Mobility/ Warmup:
400m Run
2min Keg Drill
1 min Ankle Mobility
1 in hip mobility with a band
With an empty bar:
3 high hang power snatches 
3 Hang power snatches
3 Power snatches from mid shin
3 Overhead squats
3 Snatch balances
3 squat snatches 

20 min to establish 1RM SQUAT Snatch

Notes:  If you cannot perform a full squat snatch due to poor positioning, spend the 20 minutes working with a PVC or light barbell, working on mobility, testing and retesting and seeing how much you can improve your bottom overhead squat positioning!

5 rounds for time of:
400 meter Run
15 OHS 95/65

-18 minute time cap- 

Cool Down:
1 min calf stretch
1 min quad on the wall
2min pigeon on a box 


Frank is ALWAYS Judging!

  So I mentioned it last week, but I’m going to say it again. The OC Throwdown registration is now open, and…. I think you should sign up. In a nutshell, the OC Throwdown is a two-day competition in January for which you need to qualify to compete. On Nov 3rd the first workout will be released, and you will have until the following Sunday to enter your score for the workout. You will have 3 workouts to complete, one per week for three weeks, and the top athletes will then be invited to compete at the event in January. The qualifier workouts will be programmed as the workout of the day at PCF once a week for those three weeks.

  The qualifying process is the crux of what makes this experience valuable. By this I mean being judged on your wods for three weeks.  It reinforces good movement standards. As coaches, we preach the idea that everything is everything. The movement standards we would like to see will translate to other movements, like a deep front squat does to a clean, and using internal rotation on a strict pull-ups does to a muscle up. There are many instances where people in the box cut corners. Every rep is questionable… was the chin really over the bar?, was that squat really below parallel? You are only cheating yourself from the transferable benefits of doing the movement correctly, even if you “killed” that wod on he white board. But when every rep is being judged, then you should leave no doubt. You may not realize that your reps weren’t perfect until rep after rep you get a no rep. You cannot take the easy route… not touching chest to bar, missing wall-ball target, going 5 pounds under rxd etc. Your movement standards will improve and this will improve your athleticism in the gym.

  Being a judge is also a great way to become a better athlete. You are the one who is accountable for the score your athlete gets at the end of the workout. So you will be watching your fellow athletes with a new eye and appreciation for good movement standards. Watching each other with such a great sense of purpose will develop your understanding of the movement. Furthermore, seeing others struggle through a workout when you are so intimately connected to them allows their efforts to inspire you and motivate you to maintain your own standards to the same level as you were holding your friend accountable to.

  The qualifying process also allows you to expand your crossfit beyond the small world of our box. On every workout you will get to see where you rank against hundreds of other athletes. You might have to push yourself to achieve the RXd version when usually you wouldn’t, and you might surprise yourself. Then you will get to see where you lie compared to others outside of the small world of our box. You will be surprised at how good you might be in the grand scheme of crossfit. And be motivated to be awesome. 

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