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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 minutes to practice Double-unders
DROM, include leg swings, groiners and gristle, ankles
10 Back squats (bar only)-TEST
Assisted bottom of squat, 2 minutes
Pigeon, 1 minute each
10 Back squats (bar only)-RE-TEST

High Bar Back Squat
Every 30 seconds for 2:00 perform 1 rep @ 70% (5 total reps)
Rest 2 minutes
Every 45 seconds for 2:15 perform 1 rep @ 75% (4 total reps)
Rest 3 minutes
Every 60 seconds for 2:00 perform 1 rep @ 80% (3 total reps)

 Notes: Each set should be performed without re-racking the bar. Once you have walked out of the rack with the barbell, do not put it down until the set is finished. Percentage should be based off of your most recent 1RM Squat. 

 EXTRA!:  If there are more people in class than squat racks, we will have to heat this.

  If there are more than twice as many people as squat racks (which is very unlikely, but possible), then we will change the strength portion to a more traditional setup of 2 reps EMOTM for 10 minutes.

3 rounds for time of:
50 KB Hi-Pulls 24/16kg
50 Double-Unders

-15 minute time cap-

 Notes: KB Hi-Pulls begin with the KB touching the floor, and finish with the KB handle under the chin and elbows above the KB handle. These may be performed like a swing, but the KB must touch the floor on every rep.

Cool down/Midline:
Jog 400 meters
50 Abmat sit-ups
Calf stretch, 1 minute each
Straddle, 1 minute 

Game on!

As a coach, the ability to continually learn, adapt, experiment, communicate and ultimately affect change is what separates the good ones from the bad.  This is what we believe and what drives us to do what we do everyday.

  This past weekend we took the opportunity and attended the outlaw training camp to gain a little more insight into the program while rubbing elbows with the “bearded wizard” himself. There were a few PR’s along the way and we got to witness world class athletes do what they do so beautifully well.  While the “take-away” sometimes takes a few days to marinate in my mind, I can share the three beliefs that help define the Outlaw way.

Everything is Everything.  This is something we actually articulate all the time and it’s nothing more than making connections between the “what” and “how” we train in the gym to the “why” of it all.  The efficacy of the program is summed up with this top-down idea and we see it over and over in the programming.  The Olympic lifts represent the pinnacle of expressing the 10 physical skills and the better you are at these, the better you are at crossfit.  You can see the carryover and the connection all the time. We know the high bar back squat and front squat carryover to the receiving position of a clean, which carries over to the thruster which looks a lot like a wall ball, etc.  Is it also any wonder the person who can walk on their hands all day can get a large load overhead?  Everything is everything.

Doomsday is coming and you better be ready.  For a competitor, Doomsday represents the intangibles and the unexpected on game day, for others it may mean the zombie apocalypse, and for all of us, Doomsday is the random curve ball we never saw coming.  Our sport is unique in the fact we don’t know what to specifically train for and you literally have to be ready for anything. Life threw Diso a random curveball when he was in a scooter accident several years back.  It was serious (ask Martina) but he was off of crutches after 2 weeks because of his fitness.  Goes to show that stronger people are harder to kill which leads into the final belief of:

Get. Stronger. Now.  Year after year, workouts and competitions have gotten heavier and heavier.  Clearly the sport is becoming more strength biased, but the desire and need for such strength isn’t limited to the elite athlete.  Being able to express strength means you are maximizing the contractile potential in your body and that has enormous carryover in crossfit, sport and life .  We do this by lifting heavy, lifting dynamically, and lifting often.

Keep in mind, strength training is more about central nervous system stimuli than it is about developing muscle size.

 More knowledge bombs to be dropped during the week.  To be continued…..

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