Case of the Mundays

Monday, October 22, 2012

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Jog 400 meters
T-Spine Smash, 2 minutes
IR Smash with barbell, 2 minutes
15 GHD Situps
15 Back Extensions
15 Good Mornings with barbell
15 Overhead Squats with barbell

Barbell Gymnastics:
15 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max in the 3 Position Snatch (floor, mid thigh, hi hang)

Notes: Perform all 3 reps without putting the bar down. The weight should be heavy, but perfect form. Focus on making contact with the hip and a solid overhead receiving position. If you struggle from the floor, perform all 3 reps from the hang position.

3 rounds for total reps of:
1 minute ME Handstand Pushups or Regular Pushups
1 minute ME Front Squats 135/95
1 minute ME Pull-ups
Rest one minute between rounds

Cool Down:
10 Wall Extensions
Foam Roll Legs
10 Wall Extensions

With the original Outlaw and bearded man himself, Rudy Nielsen

Sorry for the late post, but we just got back from a fun-filled, wod-packed weekend Training Camp!  We had a chance to hang out and train with about 30 other CrossFit gym owners, coaches, and athletes over 3 days.   We will be sharing what we learned about programming, competitor training, efficiency, olympic lifting and coaching this week! 




McCoy was busy dominating his olympic lifting meet this weekend!  He placed first overall in his weight class with a 242# snatch and a 300# clean and jerk!  Woop woop!

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