Reading Break

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beach Side Run Reminder!!! Meet at the Totem Pole by San Vicente Boulevard and Ocean Avenue at 7:45 am for a nice morning run.

Mobility/Warm up:
Shoulder Prep
Olympic Squat on Wall, 2 minutes

5 Rounds for time of:
25 Jumping Squats, 45 lbs
20 Push Press, kb or db, 50/35
15 Pull ups

*20 minute cap

Cool Down:
Tabata Hollow Hold
Work on the tan!


Kettlebells Overhead!

Here is a piece from my great friend, CrossFitter, and grappler Valerie Worthington on risk, overcoming fear, and how it affects your athletic performance:
‘Throwing Caution to the Wind:  Overcoming Instincts to Progress Athletically’
, Breaking Muscle

An old but great piece:
Solitude and Leadership” by William Deresiewicz, The American Scholar.

And just for kicks:
‘Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Prize Winner, was ‘too stupid’ for science at school,‘ The Telegraph

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