Special Weeks

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Warning!  The 405 is closed Saturday and Sunday.  Venice Boulevard is closed from the Sea to La Cienega on Sunday! 

Mobility/Warm up:
Jog 800 meters and Banded Hip Mobility, 1 min per hip
With an empty barbell or light weight
10 Clean Pulls
10 Hang Cleans
10 Jerks

Take 20 minutes to perform and film your most technically sound Clean and Jerk.

Notes:  Just like our previous Snatch Day this week!  Bring your camera phone to class or any video camera and capture footage of yourself!  This can be any type of Clean and Jerk, but preferably a squat clean and split Jerk.

3 minutes to Run 400m (rest remaining time)


10 minutes to complete 3 Rounds, using alternating sets:
Max Effort Front Squat (185/125) (From ground)
Max Effort Pull Ups


Run 800m

Notes:  Score is total run time and total reps.  The last 800 meter run happens after the 10 minutes, whether you finished the couplet or not.

Cool down:
Jog 200 meters
10 Wall Extensions
Samson Stretch, 15 seconds each
Work on the tan


Go outside!

International Book Week!   Here are the rules, courtesy of Alexi:  Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence.  Do not mention the title. 

“If something is not brought to fruition over a period of twenty to thirty years, it will not be of great merit.”

Post your fifth sentences to comments people.


This is a video of one of my favorite lifters Pyrros Dimas, performing one of the greatest Clean and Jerks on the Olympic stage, ever recorded.  I use it as a training tool to analyze technique, and as a motivational tool to show people just how much passion and aggression and raw, naked, ferocity goes into a 1 rep max.  Watch it and nail new PRs!


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