The Golden Rule

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Banded rack mobility, 1 min per side
Banded Hip mobility, 1 min per side

1 Front squat every 30 seconds for 7 minutes at 85% (of 1 RM) 

Notes:  Focus on good depth and using that bounce out of the bottom!

2 minutes Max Effort rope climbs

then immediately perform,

AMRAP 7 minutes:
7 Back squat (275/185)
14 Burpees

then immediately perform,

2 minutes Max Effort row for calories

Notes:  Remember to bring shin protection for the Rope Climbs!  If you struggle with the rope climbs, try the knotted rope or start from a lying down position, pull yourself to standing and lower yourself down again for one rep.

Cool down:
Active Hang, 1 minute
Cobra, 1 minute
Go to the beach


Go outside!

Today involves a lot of moving parts.  Come in, do your heavy Front Squats, work with each other and your instructor, and get yours. 

As a gym we were for the most part closed off to massive influxes of new members.  As a result of that, we have gelled as a box and as a group of awesome people who love fitness and, if I may, prize the company of one another.  Now we have opened our doors again to entire classes of On Rampers.  But we’re a different gym now.  Gone are the days when Diso, G, or I were the first faces they saw.  All of you reading this are now ambassadors of CrossFit, and spokespeople for our precious community and PCF box.  If you see a new face or faces, introduce yourself and make them feel welcome and at home.  We were all new once. 

If you’ve been here a while, post to comments who made you feel welcome and at home here.  For me it was Diso.  I was a fanatical, black and white, inexperienced, idealistic CrossFit loving guy with a whole lot of friends when I met him.  He took me in like it was love at first sight (sorry Martina), and his easy going, approachable nature was a refreshing and welcome thing.  Not sure if I’ve ever told him or thanked him for that. 

Rope Climbing tips, Annie Sakamoto

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