Let the Testing Begin!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Programming for Testing Week

Beyond the Whiteboard is now complimentary!  Sign up today!

3 rounds or 10 minutes of:
200m row
5 Handstand kick ups
10 Wall squats
20 second active bar hang (use different grips each round)

20 minutes to establish 1 rep max Jerk

Notes: This will be performed out of a rack and can be a split or a push jerk. Depending on skill, comfort level or mobility, you may substitute Push Press.

21-15-9 reps
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Pushups

-12 min time cap-

Notes: For those that performed the Deadlift/ Burpee workout from yesterday, you may choose a different “Girl” benchmark like Fran or Elizabeth OR perform any other test wods from this week.

Cool Down:
200 meter row, slowly
Plow or Pike, 90 seconds
German Hang, 30 seconds

This weekend at Mammoth Mountain!  11,000 ft up and only one way down!

Welcome (back) to testing week!  Be sure to check out this weeks programming and plan in advance.  We will be performing multiple tests of your fitness  over the course of this week (and next).  These numbers are crucial to understanding your fitness and measuring your improvement over time.  If you miss certain test days, be sure to speak with a coach about making it up during another class, open gym or next week sometime.  To assist and underscore the importance of knowing your personal numbers for strength, benchmark workouts and time trials, we have added a few features to the gym:

Beyond the Whiteboard is now FREE!  (The link is on the left side of the screen too:)  Just click, sign up and ask to become a member of Paradiso CrossFit.  BTWB is an amazing tool to keep track of the large amount of data we use to measure our fitness.  Read McCoy’s post about their service HERE.  If you currently use BTWB, post in comments about your experiences!

-New Leaderboards (under construction)!

  Our old system of Girl and Hero benchmark workouts is outdated and not all inclusive. To coincide with testing week, we will be upgrading and reorganizing our Leaderboards to include, not only the most common CrossFit Workouts (Fran, Diane, etc), but also strength numbers (1rm Snatch, Back Squat, etc.) and time trials (2k row, 1 mile run, etc.

).  We look forward to continually updating these boards!

-Monthly PRs and Firsts Board!  We don’t just want to celebrate the top athletes’ numbers from the gym, but every time someone achieves something they have never done before!  The board along the stairs will highlight these achievements for all athletes, whether it is their first pullup without a band, a PR on a lift or their first time performing a workout RX’d!  Knowing and celebrating these achievements is important for all!

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