Wednesday, September 5

Track Night only a few blocks from the gym tonight!

Warm Up/ Mobility:
Run 400 m
15 PVC Dislocates
15 Push ups
15 Ring pull ups/activations
15 Jumping Squats
15 Hip Extensions

3 rounds, with 30 seconds rest between movements:
ME UB Muscle-ups OR Pullups
5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press OR Strict Press
15 UB Kettlebell OR Dumbbell Snatches with each arm (30 total)
10 Weighted Hip Extensions

Notes:  ME UB means Max Effort Unbroken.  Use dumbbells or plates for the Hip extensions.  Adjust the weight as needed between rounds, it should be heavy, but good form.

800 meter sprint
rest 2 minutes
400 meter sprint
rest 1 minute
200 meter sprint

Cool Down:
Calf Stretch, 1 minute each
Pigeon, 1 minute each
Reverse Plank, 1 minute

Art of the Snatch

My last few posts were impassioned pieces on the merits of recording your data and my own relationship with Olympic Weightlifting. For tonight’s post I wanted to keep things more low key and human. I will start by saying it was a great weekend. The last three days consisted of working out, riding bikes, dogs, volleyball, the beach, college football, a movie, lots of Kanye, and a lot of tequila. I experienced much the weekend’s festivities with members from the gym, something I do not always do in a group setting. My take away is that in this land of perpetual summer, as G noted last night, we have a growing community of talented, funny, competitive, and compassionate people from all over the map who do all sorts of things in their life outside of the gym. It seems that the type of person drawn to what we offer at Paradiso is the type of person that has a lot to add to a group in general. So, as Diso always implores, take advantage of your ever increasing fitness by partaking in the activities outside of the gym and take advantage of the myriad interesting people that walk through our doors. This weekend showed me I don’t do this enough.

There is even a guy who can do 14 unbroken muscle ups and a 390# LOW BAR back squat. See:

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