Going out with a Bang

Monday, September 3, 2012

Open Gym Only today from 8am-Noon!  Join us at Mother’s Beach afterwards for Volleyball!

Jump Rope in Reverse, 1 minute
Double Under Practice, 2 minutes
15 GHD Situps
15 Hip Extensions
Shoulder Prep Pushups (regular, wide, diamond, planche, side to side)
10 Wall Balls, heavier than you would do for the workout

Workout of the Day:

AMRAP Wall Balls for 30 seconds EMOTM for 10 Minutes

Rest 1 minute.

AMRAP Burpees for 30 seconds EMOTM for 10 minutes

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP alternating every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:
Double Unders
Grasshoppers (left/right equals one rep) – DEMO VIDEO

Notes:  For the Wall Balls and the Burpees, this is 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest.  There will be no rest for the DU/Grasshopper segment.  Your score will be the total number of reps for all movements.  “Conditioning Bias” scaling can include substituting box jumps or rowing for calories instead of the Double Unders and removing the pushup portion of the burpees.

The lovely, badass, dancing, snatching, smiling machine.

Another summer is winding down and change is in the air.  I look forward to celebrating this holiday with many of you and hope the rest of you celebrate with friends, family and feats of strength!  Today is a day of reflection for me, thinking about how many people have dedicated their time and energy over the past three years.  I would like to single out one person, as she has just informed me that she will be moving to Northern California with the following email:

Just want to make sure you all hear this news straight from me before it starts to spread around. But, I am sad to say, I am officially leaving LA :(. I have accepted a job in NorCal (Los Altos to be exact). 
I am grieved to leave PCF, especially in a time of so much excitement and new beginnings, but I am excited for the new beginning I am about to embark upon as well. 
I’m moving Sept 12th or 13th, running Ragnar, and starting the new job on the 17th. I’m super excited and thankful because the job is personal training/crossfit coaching and (potentially) yoga instructing. I have each of you to thank for getting me to where I am as a coach, an athlete, and a person.


After 9 years in LA, I can honestly say that I will miss the people and experiences from PCF more than anything or anyone else. (Don’t tell my other friends I said that). Although, I plan to visit – a LOT.

It’s only a 5 hour drive or so, and I don’t have a lot of friends up there. So you’ll all see my face throughout the year, especially at celebratory events and always in J-Tree for rock climbing! 🙂

Prepare to block off next Saturday (Sept. 8th) for a big fat going away blow out.

Details to come. 

Love you all,

I know right!  Total bummer!  Thank you Courtneyrose, from the bottom of my heart.  You have been more than a member, but a believer in what we are doing and friend for almost three years.  I am proud of all that you have accomplished within these walls and for being a part of your transformation into a coach.  With your passion for life and helping others, I truly believe you are on the path to success and happiness. 

The Crose highlight reel:

-Winning the SWITCH Nutrition Challenge from December 2010!
-Becoming Level 1 CrossFit Certified and Yoga Certified!
-Freaking people out with her hyperflexibility and gymnastic talents!
-Becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete and master of the barbell, snatching 145lbs!
-Participating in almost every single event we have ever hosted…and supplying sausages for all of them!
-Her fearlessness in trying new activities.  Watching her rock climb on top rope is a sight to behold!
-The creation and advocation of the “Curves” lunging club!

Feel free to post your favorite memories and inspirations that I forgot in comments below!  Good luck Crose, you will be greatly missed!

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