Never Be Satisfied (and Other Stuff)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Warm up:
800 meter jog
10 Clean grip deadlifts (empty bar/light weight)
10 Hang power cleans
10 Push Jerks

Barbell gymnastics:
5 x 2 Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk, heavy but good form, 60 seconds rest

Notes:  2 Power Cleans, Push Jerk after the 2nd Power Clean.

‘The Gauntlet’
In 12 minutes
Run 1 mile
10 Clean and jerks, 115/65
10 Clean and jerks, 135/85
10 Clean and jerks, 155/95
AMRAP Clean and jerks, 185/115

Cool down:
200 meter jog
Active Hang, 1 minute
Calf Stretch, 1 minute each


I have been asked by two different athletes, on two separate occasions, if they will ever be happy with their CrossFit progress.  They are getting stronger, faster, more flexible, more conditioned.  Their coordination, accuracy, body composition, health, are increasing at an alarming rate.  But they spectate CrossFit competitions, they watch the Games on ESPN, they see what CF Trainers can do, and ask me if it will ever be enough.  Zeb, will I ever be happy? 

No, I immediately say.  You will never be happy.  Never be satisfied.  You will always want to be better, stronger, faster.  There will always be someone to chase, someone who’s better than you.  The trick to this is to focus on your own progress and training.  Worrying too much about the competition can lead to a never ending spiral down a dark abyss, and can take months to get out of (I know.)  Also, take this as exciting news!  Imagine continuously getting better over decades!  You will always PR, always learn something new, always have some skill that pisses you off.  Before you know it, several months have gone by, a year, two years, and you look at yourself again and you can’t believe it.  You could win the CrossFit Games, I told them, and still not be satisfied. 


I’ve also been asked what type of stuff to bring to a competition if you’re competing.  It varies from athlete to athlete, but here is my list, by priority:

1.  WATER!!! or whatever hydrating agent you prefer.  Keep in mind you will be at these things all day, from the butt crack of dawn to the late hours of the night sometimes, and vendors are not always available. 

2.  Food! or whatever Post WOD nutrition you prefer.  For the reasons above, all day affairs, not always vendors around.   My favs are 2-3 Post WOD shakes, meat/plums/nuts.  Easy to make, portable, and able to keep protein/carbs/fat in a good ratio.

3.  Warm up gear.  Oly shoes, jump rope, sports tape, PVC Pipe, towel, basically everything you already have in your gym bag. I’ve even seen boxes bring their own barbell and plates. 

4.  Beach chairs, mats, sunblock, hat, sunglasses.  Have I mentioned these events can get ridiculously hot?  And that you’re in the sun all day?  Shade, a place to crash between events, sunblock, are like gold at these things.

5.  ???  Did I miss anything?  I tried to Keep It Simple, Stupid, and only go over what I wish I had on me at all times.  Post to comments what you like bringing to comps, or what you wish you did.

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