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Monday, August 20, 2012

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2 rounds or 10 minutes of :
Row 300 meters
10 PVC Dislocates
10 PVC Overhead Squats
10 PVC Good Mornings
Hip Mobility of Choice, 30 seconds

Spend 15 minutes on the following complex:
Power Snatch
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Squat Snatch
Overhead Squat

Notes:  A complex means that you will perform all 4 movements without taking your hands off the bar, moving directly from one movement into the next without putting the bar down.  You can rest in the hang position or overhead.  Scale this complex by working on the Hang Squat snatch + Overhead Squat.

“Beach Cities Battle WOD 1”
4 min to establish 1RM in the above complex
2 min rest
4 min AMRAP of
3 Muscle ups, or 9 Pull ups
6 Shoulder to Overhead, 135/95
9 Kettlebell Swings, 2/1.5 pood

Zeb – 145lbs/ 2rds+1 swing, Sean D – 125lbs/ 2rds+1 mu, Jess L – 70lbs/ 2rds+5 swings

Cool Down:
10 Skin the Cats
Foam Roll Legs, 2 minutes each





My voice is just recovering from the weekend!  I had the pleasure to coach 12 of our athletes at the Central Coast Clash in Ventura, 10 of which were first time competitors!  Check out the stats below (thanks for making me feel like Rudy:)

-Lara finished 3rd overall out of 30 female athletes!  With a 2nd place finish in 2 different workouts, including an amazing performance on “The Kraken,” where she was just a few reps short of finishing.  6th on the mile and tied for 5th on the floater wod.  Confident and composed, I barely had to yell at Lara at all!  Amazing work and a well deserved spot on the podium!

-Jamie Gaul finished 1st out of 15 female athletes in the modified division with no placing under 3rd place.  She crushed her competition in the mile run and flipped the shit out of that tire in the floater for two 1st place finishes.  2nd place on the clean and jerks and tied for 3rd on “The Kraken” was enough to secure her spot atop the podium!  This was her first competition, but I’m sure not her last!

-McCoy finished 4th overall out of 60 male athletes!  His prowess in the Olympic lifts propelled him to the top of the leaderboard after finishing 3rd in the clean and jerks and being only 1 of 5 males to complete “The Kraken.”  Watch him get the last 5 snatches with less than 30 seconds to go HERE!

-We had 4 men in the top ten of the 1 mile run:  Flores – 5m 18s, Graeme – 5m 19s, Brandon W – 5m 23s, Tibor – 5m 32s.  Absolutely fearless running by these guys knowing there was a barbell and more than 6 minutes of work waiting for them.  “One of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” according to Graeme.  They willingly went to that “bad place” and I was proud of them for it.

-There were so many great memories:  Ariel beasting his jerks overhead, Brandon Y fighting through his cold, Tibor finishing the 155 clean and jerks, B-Dubs angry and incredibly efficient tire flipping, Stacey’s ice bath saga, the ongoing Flores/Graeme duel, Laura Hansen making the 95lb Clean and Jerk, Lara’s Kettlebell work, McCoy’s regretful mile, and Jordan getting fired up about Jamie’s tire performance!

-Big congratulation to all of the first time competitors and thank you to everyone that came out to support!  I heard a lot of rave reviews of the experience and I look forward to seeing you out in the arena next time!  We will release the compilation video ASAP!  Click HERE for pics of the final results!


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