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Friday, August 17, 2012

Read below for details on the two CrossFit Competitions this weekend!

Also, be sure to sign up for the Downhill Mountain Biking Trip by Monday!

2 rounds or 10 minutes of:
Jog 200 meters
DROM, 30 seconds
10 Light Kettlebell Swings
10 Wall Squats
10 Mountain Climbers, right/left equals one
Sampson Stretch, 15 seconds each

1 Deadlift EMOTM for 10 minutes with a 3″ deficit

Notes:  The deficit means that the bar height will be lower than normal.  Only perform the deficit if you have a quality deadlift setup, no round lower backs!  You can create this set up by standing on plates or using small metal plates instead of bumper plates.  Pads are not ideal as they are less stable.

3 Rounds:
8 Hang Squat Snatch (155/105)
23 Chest to bar pull-ups
32 Overhead Dumbbell walking lunge (16 left, 16 right, heaviest possible)

-15 minute time cap-

Notes:  These Hang Squat Snatches are heavy, so scale as needed!  A great sub is to perform a power snatch plus an overhead squat for each rep.  Perform regular pullups instead of Chest to Bar if needed.

Cool Down:
Foam Roll Quads, 2 minutes each
Hip Mobility on Box, 2 minutes each


These 14 athletes that will be representing PCF this weekend!  From top left to the right:  Zeb, Graeme, Jordan, Tibor, Sean D, Stacey, Ariel, Brandon W, Jamie LG, Flores, Brandon Y, McCoy, Lara and Jess L.


We couldn’t be more excited and proud to have these athletes represent our gym in two local competitions this weekend!  Months of consistent training and dedication will culminate tomorrow in multiple tests across broad modal and time domains.  Come on out to support our athletes as they put it all on the line to compete against other SoCal CrossFit athletes.  These competitions are always fun, exciting and inspiring.  You are guaranteed to see people of all ages, fitness and experience levels competing.  While there are always winners and losers, controversies and crowd pleasers, the experience is always one of a kind!

If you are interested in spectating, we are trying to get a big crowd up to the Ventura location, where we have 12 athletes competing, but if you cannot make it, it will be just as much fun to support Zeb, Sean D and Jess down in Torrance.  A full day of spectating can be long, we will have a tent, but be sure to bring a comfy chair and some food and drink is always a good idea.   Both competitions will have nearby restaurants as well and we will be bringing a grill to the Ventura competition.  If you can’t make it for the entire day, check out the heat times below and come when you can, just be sure to sport your brightest PCF gear!

Central Coast Clash

If you would like to carpool, we will be leaving from the gym at 7am to drive up to Ventura for an 8am athlete meeting and to set up out little area.  Post in comments if you need a ride.  Click HERE for the location. ATTENTION ATHLETES:  We will be bringing chalk, PVC pipes, foam rollers and the inflatable ice bath.  Be sure to bring anything else you need like tape, grips, wrist wraps, etc.

Athlete Assignment and Schedule for Workout 1:
Stacey and Jamie LG – Heat 2 – 9:10
Lara – Heat 6 – 9:50
Brandon W and Ariel – Heat 8 – 10:10
Flores and Graeme – Heat 9 – 10:20
McCoy – Heat 12 – 10:50
Jordan and Brandon Y – Heat 13 – 11:00
Tibor – Heat 14 – 11:10

The second workout will be “The Kraken” that many of you had a chance to enjoy this past Monday.  The first heat starts at Noon, with a new heat running every 20 minutes until 4pm.  I am not sure if they will rearrange the heat assignments according the first workouts scoring.   There is also a 3rd workout called a “Floater” that will be running all day.

Click HERE for their official Facebook page and more detailed information.

The Beach Cities Battle

Athlete registration is at 7:45am and the first heat will start at 9am.  This one is much closer, in Torrance, so I imagine meeting down there will be more likely, but post in comments below if you are looking for a ride!  Click HERE for the location.  There are no specific times for the Heat assignments, but the schedule says the following:

WOD 1 – 9am-12:30pm
Floater – 9am – 1pm
WOD 2 – 1pm-4pm

Athlete Heat Assignments:
Jess L – Heat 8
Zeb – Heat 12
Sean D – Heat 14

Click HERE for their official Facebook page and more detailed information.

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