Worth Repeating, Part One

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Shoulder Prep

Gymnastics Warmup:
10 minutes to practice Handstand Walking (new progression below!)
10 minutes to practice Muscleups on the High Rings


15 minute AMRAP with teams of 3:
Buy in- Perform 100 Hand Release Pushups, then as many rounds as possible of the following:
30 yard Sprint
10 GHD sit ups
30 yard Sprint
10 burpee box jumps

Notes:  All teammates will start at the same time, with each athlete contributing to the pushup total in any combination of reps, just get to 100 reps as a team.  Once completed, the team will move into the amrap portion, where all athletes will work at the same time once again.  Here, each athlete is required to perform all reps per round, but only one GHD and one Box per team!  Meaning, you might have to wait at the GHD or the box if someone else is performing their reps, and at the end you will add up the total rounds completed by each team member.

Cool down:
Cobra, 1 minute
Calf stretch, 1 minute each
Active Bar hang, 1 minute cumulative


If you have been with us lately, you’ll notice we have been doing a heavy/high skill weightlifting ‘warm up’ or a Gymnastics progressions warm up, followed by a 15 minute or less WOD.  I have been asked to write about the emphasis, goals, and differences between our newly embraced format and the longer, lighter, workouts that some have offered as being ‘good workouts’ or leaving you with a ‘good sweat.’

The truth is, myself and others have already written extensively on the subject, on this very blog.  We need only to repost and share them again.  Here are some pertinent links.  Read, consider, and post your favorite quote from any of the articles to comments.  (Hint, if you’re short on time.  Watch the video)

Fundamentals, Virtuosity, Mastery, by Greg Glassman

The Metabolic Pathways, Zeb

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Training, Zeb

Anaerobic vs Aerobic lecture video, Greg Glassman

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