Sink or Swim

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Remember, Track night at the park near the gym today!  Click HERE for the location.

Row 500 meters
Foam Roll legs, 2 minutes each

3 Rounds, not for time, with 45 sec rest between movements
10 DB Weighted Step-Ups, 20, heavy as possible
15 Good Mornings (65/45)
8 DB Strict Press, heavy as possible

Notes:  Use Kettlebells or even barbells for the DB movements if more weight is needed than is available.

7 rounds of
Swim 50 meters
Rest 1:1

Notes: Links to pools, times and fees below.  If you can’t make it to a pool, substitute 200m Rows.  Rest 1:1 means to rest as long as the previous round took you to complete.

Cool Down:
10 minute Stretching Session!
2 Rounds of:
3 Position Wall Extension, 30 seconds each
Plow or Seated Pike, 2 minutes
German Hang, 30 seconds
Straddle, 1 minute

I am posting the above video because I still haven’t finished the Malibu Trail Run of Death, Part 2 video compilation video and because our next big annual event may include some swimming!  We really hope that you seek out a pool and give this workout a try today.   Below are some local pool options, times and fees.  Feel free to post in comments when you plan on attending!

Culver City Plunge – $4 entry – 6-11am, 12:30-2:45, and 7:30-9pm

Venice High – $2.50 entry – 6:30-8pm, running distance from the gym!

Santa Monica College – $3.25 SM residents/ $6.50 non-SM residents. Open from 5:30am-8pm!

And for those that are looking ahead, tomorrow we will be releasing a new handstand walking progression!  Watch this amazing slow mo video from the Gold Medal Women’s Gymnastics team yesterday.  Watch how her hands are overhead and shoulders are active as she goes inverted for the first time and how her midline barely moves throughout the entire movement…Beautiful!

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