Yes You Can

Friday, July 27, 2012

Row, 2 minutes
Keg Drill, 2 minutes
Hip Mobility, 1 minute each

Take 15 minutes to practice the 3 Stop snatch pull + 1 Hang Squat snatch

Notes:  Go as heavy as possible with perfect form, watch the DEMO VIDEO

5 Rounds for total time
Run 200 meters
7 Hang Squat Snatches (155/115)
Rest 1 min

Notes:  This weight is prescribed to be heavy, if you cannot Snatch at this load, feel free to work on form at a lighter weight, substitute Hang Squat Cleans or any other variation of the squat.

-17 minute time cap-

Cool Down:
100 Situps
Quad on Wall, 60 seconds each
Straddle Stretch, 60 seconds


The Malibu Trail Race of Death, Part 2, is finally here!  If you missed it last year, you definitely don’t want to miss it this time around.  After much scouting on the mountain bike we have settled on a beautiful single track trail that will not disappoint.  Some of the terrain is steep and rocky, so make sure to bring your technical trail shoes with traction and proceed with caution.  You will also be doing some scrambling and bush wacking, so come ready for some adventure and problem solving.  The more the merrier!  Remember to RSVP here to get more info on the location!  Race starts at 9am; get there early to warm up and dominate!  And if you don’t want to race, come to support and enjoy the potluck BBQ and mimosas after.  Some of the best food and drink I have ever had has come after a nice race.


On a completely unrelated note, I watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight and came across this story about a gymnast born without legs.  With the Olympics coming up, and all the gymnastics we do in the gym, I felt this story would be appropriate and inspiring.  Make sure to check out the whole segment if you have HBO, there’s a crazy twist involved.  And remember, never say you can’t.

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