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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Jog 200 meters while jumping rope
2 minutes to find your Max number of Double Unders
10 PVC Dislocates
10 Overhead Squats with PVC, hold the bottom for 5 seconds

Back Squat 3-1-1-1-1 reps

Notes:  Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets.  Use 90-100-105-110-105 percents of your 3 rep max or heavier than last week.

3 Rounds for time and reps
5 Squat Clean into Thrusters (135/95)
50 Double unders
5 Squat Clean into Thrusters
1 min rest
1 min Max Effort Burpees
1 min rest

Cool Down:
Jog 400 meters
Foam roll legs, 3 minutes each


Above is our basic video for practicing kicking up to a handstand.  This is a simple concept for some athletes, while for others getting upside down is a completely foreign experience.  Below are links to new videos in our Video Library, including different progressions for learning to get yourself inverted.  Enjoy!

For those that are unsure about being able to support their bodyweight, or that feeling that your arms might buckle, start off with your feet on a box.  Once you feel confident here, move up to practice the same position on the wall.  Once you have enough strength and understanding of this support position, you will have to start learning to lunge and kick up to a handstand.  Depending on your comfort level, you can start with your hands on the box or the ground.  To overcome the fear of falling over, purposefully practice the turnout.  If you have a spotter or are comfortable turning out, you can practice this version of tapping your feet off the wall.  Whatever your skill level, remember to focus on learning and strengthening quality positions first!



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