Saturday Fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Warm up:
Jog 400 m and DROM
Practice and load up Hang Squat Snatches

Hang squat snatch EMOTM for 10 minutes, movement initiates just below the knees.

3 Power cleans (185/125)
50 Double unders
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (60/40)
6 Power cleans
50 Double unders
12 DB Thrusters
9 Power cleans
50 Double unders
9 DB Thrusters

-15 minute cut off

Cool down:
Jog 800 meters
10 wall extensions

Coming soon . . .

Today is our first ever Stand Up Paddle Boarding WOD.  Held at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey at 11am.  Get your WOD in and be there.

Today’s workout is relatively high skill, and requires many moving parts.  Work with each other and with your instructor.


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