Nutrition Template

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jog 400 meters
Sampson Stretch, 30 seconds each
Keg Drill, 2 minutes
15 Wall Squats

20 minutes to establish a teammate, practice the movements and find Snatch weight for workout.

“Team America”
In teams of two complete:

100 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
50 Burpees
30 Toes to Bar
10 Snatches (any style) 155/105#
30 Toes to Bar
50 Burpees
100 Partner Wall Balls

-30 Minute Time Cap-

Notes: All reps may be apportioned in any way between the teammates, but only one teammate may be working at a time (example: if one teammate wants to perform all 100 Burpees they may). The only exception is the Partner Wall Balls. Partner Wall Balls must be performed by teammates alternating Wall Ball shots.

This means one teammate performs a Wall Ball shot, while the ball is in the air the other teammate steps in, catches it, and performs another Wall Ball shot. All reps must be performed alternating.

Cool Down:
Row 300 meters
Sampson Stretch, 30 seconds each
German Hang, accumulate 30 seconds
Straddle Stretch, 2 minutes


When I was discussing changing the world on Monday, a HUGE part of that is our relationship with food.  This is by far the number one discussion I have with people about my lifestyle and something we all have in common (Unfortunately, not everyone relates to or has any interest in working out:).  Breaking down some of the normal misconceptions and getting people to look at their food differently is challenging to say the least, but I do believe that most people want to eat healthy, they just don’t know how.

We believe that the first place to start, no matter what an individual’s goals, are to be able to define what it means to be healthy.

  You can starve yourself to lose weight or shoot up steroids to build muscle mass, but it certainly isn’t good for you and won’t last in the long term.

  Our definition of health involves longevity and fitness.  Our diet should reflect a long term change that is directly related to our active lifestyle and sustainable because it is enjoyable and based in reason.

We do not expect anyone to live a perfect life or to change overnight.  We are only seeking to educate people on how to view their food and its profound affects upon their body.  Nutrition is the key if you want to lean out, perform better, feel better, and look better.  If you have been coming to the gym regularly and have been thinking about making some positive changes to your nutrition (life), now’s the time!

We have reformatted the outline from our last Nutrition Challenge to become our Nutritional Guideline and Template.  This will be the first in a series of resources for new members to read and veteran members to review in a resource library on the left.  Coming up we have the overdue Long Term Success Guide, Competition Nutrition and other FAQs!

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