A Series of Fortunate Events

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Keg Drill, 2 minutes

Warm up:
15 minutes, 2 to 3 rounds
6 Overhead Lunges, walking or in place
10 GHD Sit ups
10 GHD Hip Extensions
10 Pull ups, work up to C2B
5 Burpees

21-15-9 reps of
Overhead Barbell Lunges, 135/95
C2B Pull ups
Bar Facing Burpees

Cool Down:
Jog 200 meters
Quad on Wall, 1 minute per side
Play Volleyball!

The Barbell Sea.  Do It!!

The PCF community is alive with activity and summertime planning.  We know at least some of you have a plethora of activities happening, both CF related and not, and we want to know what they are.  Here are some of mine:

Back Squats
Magic Mountain
Beach Volleyball witch’ yall.
Track Night Wednesdays
Santa Monica Pier Concert Thursdays
Dance Downtown Fridays
Beach Cities Battle
Summer Shakedown
Sprint Triathlon (Holy F#ckballs)
The Hollywood Bowl, twice
San Francisco
Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert
The Beach!
The Dark Knight Rises midnight premier
I miss Rock Climbing 🙁
More Back Squats

Post your stuff to comments.


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