Cooneys’ Revenge

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoulder Prep

Gymnastics Warm up!
20 Minutes, 3 to 5 rounds
5 Press to Headstands
5 Strict or L-Pull ups
8 Pistols, 4 per leg
10 Seconds Handstand Hold

‘Beat the Coach’
Every 30 seconds, for 10 minutes
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Push Jerk

Notes: To “Beat the Coach” the Rx weight is 225/150# (you must perform all 20 reps with this weight). If you cannot finish the work with this weight try to use the heaviest possible for the entire piece. Your score is the weight that is on the bar when you finish. If you remove weight you MAY NOT add it back on.

Cool down:
Samson Stretch, 30 sec per side
Bottom of squat, 2 minutes
Play Volleyball!


Cara Cooney, CrossFit Comptetition bound, and destroyer of my destiny.

Today, we will mix an extensive, gymnastic-centric warm up with a powerful and short, weightlifting based Workout.  Because each ‘rep’ is on the 30 seconds, and because you cannot re-load what you have unloaded, you have to be willing to be aggressive and risky and go for it on each rep.


About a year ago I made a deal with Cara Cooney, a badass CrossFitter of ours.  She is really good at this stuff, we all saw it, and we’ve always wanted her to showcase her skills in a local CrossFit competition.  I could immediately tell she was scared to death of it.  For reasons we all understand, because we all fear something, she just didn’t want to do them.  Any of them.  Ever.  I understood this to be true, and believed  her fears were genuine.  So I do what I do sometimes and bet the farm on my beliefs.  I told her that should the day come when she signs for a CrossFit competition, I will sign for any endurance event of her choosing, endurance events being my greatest fear.  You see where this is going.

Last month, I stood in disbelief as she very happily and kindly told me she had signed for the 2012 Summer Shakedown.  I heard it from others of course (I hear everything!!), but something of this magnitude I had to hear from her.  And thus it was that I, this very morning, honor-bound, registered for my first ever endurance event:  The Day at the Beach Sprint Triathlon! Fuck me sideways.

There is a technical term for what I am feeling right now.  The term is:  HOLY HORRIFICATIONSAUCE FML AHH!!!

The moral of the story is, I knew I would never under my own volition register for an endurance event.  Ability?  I suck at them.  Money?  I’ve spent it all on CF comps.  Overcoming fears?  I can do that with other things.  What about the PCF Sprint Tri?  I was . . . uh . . . helping and assisting! 

But this wasn’t true in the least, and I knew it.  I was avoiding it.  I.  Was.  Terrified.  Of it.  So I put myself in a position, manipulated circumstances, such that I HAD to do it.  And here I am.  And it’s Cara Cooney’s effing fault.  Cara Cooney, badass athlete, CF competition bound, and like Chris Sherwin before her, destroyer of my destiny. 

So you all know what I’ll be doing on Sunday, October 7th, at 7am, in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California.  Some people have mentioned they want to do it with me, and that’s very kind but unnessecary.  What I will ask for, is any assistance in the Get-Zeb-a-Road-Bike-for-his-Never-to-be-Repeated-Endurance-Event-because-his-Mountain-Bike-will-not-cut-it club. I’ll only need it for that one day.  Really.

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