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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jog 400 meters
10 PVC Dislocates
Tricep Mash, 90 seconds each arm

15 minutes to find your 1 rep max split jerk

4 Rounds for Total Time:
7 Split Shoulder Press (95/65) – DEMO VIDEO
Run 200 meters
14 Box Jump overs, 24″
Rest 1 minute

Cool Down:
50 Situps
German Hang, accumulate 30 seconds
Foam Roll Calves, 2 minutes each

Bryan working hard for that front rack position (note the purple hand)

Happy Friday!  Tomorrow, Saturday June 30th, I’ll be visiting another local trail in the Santa Monica mountains, Mandeville Canyon, as part of the PCF summer trail series.  I have made it a goal of mine to explore more of the Santa Monica mountains, first because they are so close, and second because they are pretty mellow in terms of elevation gain and decent and make for good trail running!  This week I’m checking out a new route that highlights a spot I’ve visited before, the LA-96 Nike missile site, one of sixteen former missile sites that protected LA from a feared Soviet attack during the Cold War.  I’ll be doing a 5 mile loop with 770ft of elevation gain.  It should be a mellow run that everyone can do, mainly on Fire Road (not ideal), but will end with some fun downhill single track.  Even though I don’t enjoy fire roads, one reason why I like this trail is because mountain bikes and dogs (on and off leash) are allowed, and families from the surrounding neighborhoods are out in full force.  Even though it can be a bit crowded at times there are so many people out doing so many different activities (dog walking/running, hiking, mountain biking, trail running) that I am always inspired and glad I made it out!  I will be arriving at the trail head around 8am, start the run by 8:30am, finishing around 10:15am and back to the westside hopefully by 11am in time for brunch/crossfit/beach/etc.  Fulfill your human nature!  Hit the trails!

PCF Summer Trail Series: #2 Mandeville Canyon Loop to LA-96 Nike Missile site

5 miles.  770+ ft elevation gain/descent. 
Loop = DWP Fire Road -> Westridge Fire Road -> Mulholland Dr (dirt) -> Canyonback Trail -> Hollyhock Fire Road
Trail Map here.
Trail Information here.
Directions from the gym to trail head here.  30 min drive from gym.
NO bathroom or drinking water at trail head.
Bathroom and Water IS available at Nike site, 2 miles into the hike.
Dogs and mountain bikes ARE allowed on the trail, feel free to bring either.

Email me at Francisco.agzarian@gmail.com if you are coming to get my phone number and be in contact. 🙂

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