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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Shoulder Prep

15 Minutes, 2 to 3 rounds for quality
5 Handstand Kick ups
5 Muscle up row or false grip ring row
2 Strict Handstand Push ups
2 Weighted Pull ups

Workout of the Day:
10 Handstand Push ups
1 Weighted Pull up
9 Handstand Push ups
2 Weighted Pull ups
8 Handstand Push ups
3 Weighted Pull ups
7 Handstand Push ups
4 Weighted Pull ups
6 Handstand Push ups
5 Weighted Pull ups
5 Handstand Push ups
6 Weighted Pull ups
4 Handstand Push ups
7 Weighted Pull ups
3 Handstand Push ups
8 Weighted Pull ups
2 Handstand Push ups
9 Weighted Pull ups
1 Handstand Push up
10 Weighted Pull ups

Think of this as gymnastic strength day.  The Handstand Push ups are strict and the Weighted Pull ups are as heavy as possible for the duration of the WOD.  Because of this, scale your movements accordingly and adjust as needed during the workout.  Try not to exceed 25 minutes.  We do not recommend going to failure at any point, but think 80 percent effort the entire time.

Cool down, in any order:
30 Good mornings, empty bar
30 GHD Sit ups

Post predictions to comments.

Prerequisite body control strength (think Gymnastic Strength) is important.  You ideally, but not necessarily, should like to have a strict ‘anything’ before achieving a kipping ‘anything.’  Nature, survival, emergency, and combat has no obligation to honor such rules, so we blur the lines often and without apology.  Nevertheless, days like these lend themselves well to developing and playing with your gymnastic strength.  Once you achieve basic levels (strict pull ups, strict dips, strict muscle ups and HSPUs) your strength will open you up to so many cool things like planches and levers and static holds.  Come in and get some.


Years ago, I dreamed of being able to do a bunch of cool things.  I wanted to be strong and powerful and blinding fast.  CrossFit is the Gateway to those things for me.  I would never have dreamed of doing the things I can do now, and I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  I can do a Front Lever, but not Back Lever.  I can L-Sit to Handstand Press on the Rings but I want a Press to Handstand from the L-Sit on parallettes and be able to hold it, I want freestanding Ring Handstand Push ups, I want Planche push ups, a 300 lbs Clean and Jerk, a 200 lb Snatch, sub 2:30 800 meter run, 1:30 500 meter row, a 1000 lbs CrossFit Total.  I want to run great distances at speed without tiring (I’m a long way off from that one haha), and comic book level strength and power.  Yeah, I said it.  Comic book level strength, like Back Squatting mountain ranges and Deadlifting Tectonic Plates level strength.  Ever seen The Matrix?  Final Fantasy XII:  Advent Children?  The Incredible Hulk (as he was in The Avengers)?  I want to fight like that. 

Reality (and physics) be damned.  Go wild and post whatever crazy things you want to be able to do in comments.


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