Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shoulder Prep

15 minute Gymnastics Warm up:
3 to 5 rounds for quality
5 Press to Headstand
10 Seconds Hanging L-Sit
3 Forward Rolls

AMRAP 12 minutes
6 Forward Rolls
18 Pistols
24 Sit ups

Cool Down, in any order:
50 Hip Extensions
30 Bar Activations

Gymnastics fun!

There is a natural and necessary divide between controlling your own body and controlling an external object.  Controlling your body is how we define gymnastics in CrossFit, whereas weightlifting refers to external object control.  We’ve been throwing around a lot of heavy weights lately and I wanted to use today as a relief on the skeletal system while practicing and developing your gymnastic skills!  Keep your core tight and move well!


We all talk to ourselves on a regular basis.  I want to solicit what goes on in your mind mid-WOD, right in the middle of  the suck.  I notice that my thoughts are wild and rampant with comic book level expectations before the WOD and I have to force myself to relax.  Right when the clock starts, I’m still trying to control my mind and body to not blow out before 20 seconds.  Only when the end is in sight am I actually in sync and in the most control.

  It hurts, to be sure, but I’m beyond caring and beyond pain, and all that matters is the end and the mission.  Short, actionable phrases are best:  One more!

  Pick it up!  Set up and go!  Smash!

Post your mid WOD mind and thoughts to comments.

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