Official Race Results

Friday, June 1, 2012

 Single under jump rope, 60 seconds
10 PVC Dislocates
Keg Drill, 2 minutes

Take 15 minutes to find your 3 Position Snatch max (ideally squat)

The three positions are from the floor, mid-thigh and high hang.  Perform all three positions without letting the bar go.  This is about moving efficiently and getting under the bar fast.  If you cannot perform a proper overhead squat position, work with a light load and mobility OR use a Power or Split landing position.

Workout of the Day:

Five rounds for time of:
75 pound Push press, 25 reps
50 Double-unders

*15 minute time cap

Cool Down:
Jog 800 meters
Calf stretch on wall, 60 seconds each
10 PVC Dislocates
German Hang, accumulate 30 sec

Nick mobilizing!

The Endurance Training tab is up and running!  Every weekend I will be posting the programming for the following week for Single Sport (Running) and Multi-Sport (Triathlon) athletes.  The programming will be one week behind Crossfit Endurance mainsite.  The purpose of this is to be able to better plan your week, since both programs involve days with multiple workouts.  By knowing your programming ahead of time, you can shift workouts around to accommodate your schedule and still complete all the workouts within the given week.   That’s one of the main goals of this program; low volume, high intensity, get your workouts in quickly, then focus on recovery and enjoying the rest of your week and your life!  The endurance workouts are in addition to the 3-5 weekly Crossfit WODs you should be doing already

You will also now know ahead of time what we will be doing at Track Night and have a place to post times.  Three running workouts will be posted each week for running, a Short Interval, a Long Interval, and a Tempo / Time Trial.  The default workout for both Track Nights will always be the Short Interval, but if you come both days you will get a chance to do the Long Interval as well.  To complete the weekly cycle, you would do the Tempo / Time Trial on your own on the weekend.  This program will work from a 5k up to Marathon.

The multi-sport program is a little more complicated and involves a higher number of endurance workouts to meet the increased demands of a triathlon.  Six workouts will be posted each week, two for each sport (swim/bike/run) as well as the recommended day to perform each workout.  The endurance Short Interval workouts will always be Monday through Wednesday and the Long Interval and Tempo / Time Trial will rotate Friday through Sunday.

The above programs are just templates and can be adjusted to meet your specific goals, weaknesses, volume threshold, and schedule availability.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help adjusting the program to meet your specific needs!


As Zeb put it, the mile time trial was epic!  Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.  As usual, PCF represented in style and high spirits!  Also, a huge thanks to Martina and G for recording splits, Alex for running the clock, and Smidty for documenting the madness.


Below are the Official Race results with quarter mile splits.  As you can see, I missed my PR by two seconds!  I could be bummed out by this, but quite the opposite.  Right now I’m so pumped to continue training for the mile and crush my previous record, and here’s why.  This was the best race I have ever paced!  I ran consistent splits the entire race, and had a little left for the kick in the final lap.  My usual MO is to run out the gate fast and hang on for dear life, but this time I finished and felt like I had a little more in the gas tank.  This was the most relaxed I have ever been in a time trial!  For the past month I have been working diligently on relaxing my jaw, neck, and shoulders while running at maximum efforts.  After watching the Roger Bannister video last week, it clicked how important it is to relax your body as much as possible even though you are going all out.  Any additional tension is wasting precious energy you need to power your legs and core and distracting you mentally from the task at hand.  I usually finish a race with a strained jaw, and a slight headache in my temples, but on Wednesday I finished and felt perfect.  Staying relaxed from the shoulder up also helps me stay relaxed from the calves down (I don’t know why but I’ll take it), which is imperative to avoid pushing off and blowing out your calves. 

Better pacing, better final lap kick, less strain, less wasted energy…only one piece of the puzzle is missing and Diso put it best, “Frank needs to learn to suffer more.”  When I combine all of those, I’ll reach my goal no problem!

My optimism and drive to continue training for the mile is fueled by this gym, and everyone who came out to the time trial.  I am so impressed by how fast everyone went and how much fun you guys had doing it!  Breaking down the results, two women went under a 6 minute mile, and half of the women went under 7 minutes.  For the guys, no one broke the 5 minute barrier, but a quarter went under 5:30 and half went under 6 minutes.

 That is fast!  Everyone pushed hard and cheered each other on in true Crossfit fashion, and should be proud of their efforts.

Post current and lifetime 1 mile PR’s and when you did it (I love how people remember their lifetime PR from when they were in middle school or high school), as well as lessons learned from the time trial, to comments.

1 Mile TT – Official Results

                                      400m  800m  1200m 1600m  

Female Division:

1. Jamie Aron                1:22     -:–         -:–       5:46

2. Andie                         1:27    3:00     4:30      5:53

3. Lara Erlank               1:23     3:04     4:53      6:38       

4. Jamie G                     1:41     3:29     5:10     6:53

5. Karis Schneider         1:39     3:29     5:21     6:59

6. Jess Legge                1:30    3:28     5:43      7:13

7. Vicky Chang              1:44    3:40     5:40      7:36

8. Stephanie Chang      1:43    3:52     6:07      8:09

9. Stacy Kaney              1:56    4:02     6:09      8:15

10. Mary Haynes           1:47    3:49     6:04      8:20

11. Caroline Handel      1:47    4:01     6:20      8:27

Male Division:

1. Erick S                       1:16    2:34     3:51     5:07

2. Frank Agz                  1:20    2:40    4:03      5:21

3. Graeme Smith           1:20    2:41     4:04      5:26

4. Mike Flores               1:20    2:43     4:09      5:28

4. Jordan Flacco           1:16    2:40     4:08      5:28

6. James McCoy            1:18    2:46     4:20      5:48

7. Diso                           1:21    2:52     4:29      5:51

8. Jesse Shapiro            1:26    2:59     4:28     5:52

9. Francisco Camberos 1:24    2:57     4:45     5:55

9. Ashkan Farida           1:25    3:01     4:47     5:55

11. Jay Langston           1:30    3:00     4:46     6:06

12. David Roth                -:–     -:–       -:–         6:16

13. Ariel Sandoval           -:–     -:–      4:47       6:19

14. Zak                           1:31   3:09   4:48       6:21

15. Nick B                       -:–      3:09     -:–        6:22

16. Sean DeGuzman      1:22   2:59    4:43      6:23

17. Zeb Pascual             1:32   3:17    5:07      6:45

18. Bob M                       1:36   3:29     -:–        7:18

19. Charlie Mason         1:41   3:36     -:–        7:20

20. Jerad Schutt            1:38   3:36    5:35      7:22

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