Perfect Practice

Thursday, May 24 , 2012

Jog 400
Hip mobility on box

Warm up:
3 Position Snatch, 7 x 1, resting 60 seconds between sets (Beginners are High hang/mid thigh/floor.  Advanced are Floor/mid thigh/high hang)

Five rounds for time
135 lb Power Clean, 10 reps
15 Wall ball shots, 20/14

15 minute cutoff

Cool down:
Row 500 meters
Samson Stretch
Quad on Wall


The 3 Position Snatch is a great drill for reinforcing the most graceful and athletic of all barbell movements.  Because it is new for many of you, we will warn you to keep it light and focus on technique and speed.  Here are some notes from the original source:  Do not load heavy unless you are proficient through every position. This is a technique and speed drill (working turnover when fatigued), but you may go heavier as long as there are no misses or slop reps.


Next Wednesday at the SMC Track will be our highly anticipated 1 Mile Time Trial!  PCF athletes fast and not so fast will converge on the SMC Track and throwdown in one of oldest and most classic races of all time.  Post a YEAH! to comments if you plan on bringing your can of whoop ass to the Track.

Also, check our Schedule for the Memorial Weekend hours.

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