Cast Iron Cook Off

1st Annual Paradiso Crossfit Cast Iron Cook Off

“13.5 inches of Pure Awesomness”

Saturday, May 5, 2012 1PM-7PM
Paradiso Crossfit Gym, 4113 Redwood Ave. MDR

Voting Ballots close promptly at 5PM.


In the quest to find the title holder of Elite Cast-Iron Cook, we are having a PCF-style competition (who am I kidding? it’s a party!!!) to crown the victors. And all members, family and friends are invited.

3 Cast Iron Categories:

Best Appetizer/Side Dish
Best Main Dish
Best Dessert

2 Non Cast-Iron Categories:

Best Guacamole or Salsa
Best Sangria/Margarita


Rules of the Competition:

First and foremost, all food submissions should be made from scratch; absolutely NO store bought desserts, pre-made salads, or from-concentrate margarita mix, et al…

There is an 8 contestant capacity available for each category. You can sign up for multiple categories. Sign up sheets will be posted on the board by the stairs.

 CAST-IRON: Entries must be cooked in a cast iron cooking vessel, either at home or prepared on site at the gym. Please make enough to serve up to 20-30ppl (think appetizer size portions).

 NON CAST-IRON: Entries can be made at home and brought to event. Margaritas should be from scratch and cannot be a pre-made mix (so you will be juicing limes!!). Be creative and use seasonal fruit. Please have it pre-blended with tequila for ease of service. Prepare to serve at least 20 people.


JUDGES (everyone not cooking!):

You are allowed 1 vote per category. All votes must be cast by 5PM, so please allow enough time (and stomach room) to sample all food entries. There will be a judges fee of $5 (children under 15 free) paid either in advance or when you pick up your voting ballots at the event; contestants do not pay a judges fee.



This event cannot happen without the support of all generous members of PCF, so I’d like to thank all participants in advance. We will also have a need for ancillary items such as stoves, grills, tables, chairs, utencils, etc. A complete list of ancillary items will be posted at the bottom of the stairs; please sign your name next to the item that you would like the “donate” for the event.


There will be festive workouts throughout the day. Details to come 🙂


$TBD. Available for pre-order only. Please place order with Jerad Schutt Order cut off date is April 19, 2012.

T-shirt draft

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