Regionals Baby!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Click HERE to get your tickets to the CrossFit Games Regionals!  Click HERE for more details on the event!

Groiners, 1 minute each leg
Sampson Stretch, 30 seconds each leg
Lat Activations from Shoulder Prep

Row 10 Calories
11 Perfect Burpees
12 Dumbbell Ground to Overhead
13 Toes to Bar
14 Overhead Walking Lunges

Workout of the Day:

2011 Regionals Workout #6
20 Calorie row
30 Burpees
40 Two-hand dumbbell ground-to-overhead (45lb / 25lb)
50 Toes-to-bar
100 foot Overhead walking lunge (45lb plate / 25lb)
150 foot Sprint

Cool Down:
15 Back Extensions
Reverse Plank, 20 seconds
15 Hip Extensions
German Hang, 20 seconds
15 Hip Back Extensions
Sampson Stretch, 20 seconds each

CrossFit Games Arena Wod 12.4, everybody’s favorite!

Its official!  We have qualified for the Southern California regional Team competition!!  If you don’t know what that means, we will be competing against the 29 other top gyms in our region for a chance to compete in the CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in July.  The odds are stacked against us, but we are stoked for the opportunity and look forward to the challenge!  To commemorate this event we will be hosting a Pot Luck party at the Paradiso household this Sunday at noon!

  We will be providing a keg of cider along with ping pong and other fun games to pass the time.  Check out the Upcoming Events area for more details and post to comments if you don’t know where we live!  See you there!!

What a great 5 weeks!!

-Thanks to all the people that took the time to work as judges, its not an easy job!
-Thanks to Neal, Crose, Suver, G, Sara J, Lara, McCoy, Joe D, Kamran, Red, Alex B, Martina and Cara for their big time performances that scored points for the gym and got us into Regionals!
-Thanks to all the newbies that listened to us and signed up for this crazy competition, I enjoyed watching both your struggles and your victories!  Keep pushing ahead!
-Thanks to Suver’s redo on the last workout, improving by 4 reps to catapult us into the Regionals!
-Thanks to Red’s dominating performance on the Burpees, on one leg!
-Thanks to Joe D’s insane 126 reps on the last workout, coming through in the clutch!
-Thanks to McCoy and Lara for scoring top 3 in the gym for every workout!

-Thanks to all that supported the athletes during the Arena on Friday nights and screamed your lungs out, you made a difference
-Thanks to Chris Gosch for filming and editing videos and Dino for photographing the Arena nights!
-Thanks to all the athletes that participated!  I had a blast watching and competing with all of you and I look forward to next year!!

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