Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rack mobility, 2 minutes
10 Wall extensions

10 Hang power cleans
10 Front squats
10 Ring Pull-ups
10 Dips
10 Push Press
10 Thrusters
10 Muscle-up transitions

2 Front Squats EMOTM for 10 minutes

9-6-3 reps for time of:
165 pound Thruster

Compare to 9/17/2010 

Cool down:
3 attempts at max Handstand hold 


Congratulations to everyone that competed in the Open!  For a lot of you, enduring the last 5 weeks has been a victory unto it’s own.  As a community, you shown under the lights and pressure of the “Arena Friday” nights, pushed beyond what you conceived was possible for yourselves and came together to support, elevate, and inspire.  The fate of Team Paradiso won’t be set in stone until the fat lady officially sings at 5pm, so I’ll just leave it at that:)  As we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that it’s over (maybe that’s just me), it’s back to the basics as we for forge ahead to next year!  The evolution continues as our hunger and curiosities to help you live better by moving better will be revealed in the next coming weeks.  You can expect revamped warm-ups, a gymnastics warm-up, comprehensive oly lifting tutorials, and more things for you to practice on a regular basis.  Remember, repetition is key!  Better snatches mean almost daily Burgener warm-ups and skill transfer exercises just as gymnastic movements like muscle ups require constant practice of prerequisite strength building exercises.  Keep an eye out for more videos!  And don’t forget about our nightly Oly lifting sessions.  Beginning this week at 8:30 pm, any and all are welcome to attend this informal “club” where workouts will be taken from Coach Burgener’s gym.  Onward and upward!


Ready… set…THRUST!

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