Hashing Run

Every heard of hashing?  After hearing about this crazy sport, I thought of a few CrossFitters that might be down!  Eric Brach is a member at PCF and has invited everyone to participate in a hashing run that he will be leading on Monday, March 26th at 7-9pm!  We will be starting somewhere near the gym.  The cost is $5 for any experienced hasher and free for first timers!  Cost will include drinks and snacks!
I asked him to write a few words to explain what to expect:

People all across the country are growing ever more concerned with fitness – hey, check out the way that Crossfit has swept the globe. But while CF track nights do earn us that sweet post-workout afterglow, wouldn’t it be kinda great if we could be getting in shape while… well, getting wasted?

 Turns out, there’s already a sport for people who’ve thought just this, and it’s called hashing.

 Hashing combines aspects of running, scavenger hunts, and, believe it or not, drinking beer.

In a hash, groups of participants follow a pre-determined course of 3-6 miles. The first catch? Only the route-setters know the path, and it’s up to everyone else to discover it. This means the fastest are often forced to backtrack, keeping slow and fleetfooted alike relative close together. The second catch, and (IMO) the best part?

Before, after, and for every mile or two during the run, participants stop for drink breaks.  Like, drinking breaks.  This means there’s no need to carbo-load: every calorie that gets burned off in exercise quickly gets replenished with the like of Jell-O shots, tequila, and sweet, sweet beer. 

 In addition to making the exercise both more social and easier to handle for you run-avoiders out there, there’s science behind this, too: drinking mid-run alcohol means continuous replenishment of simple, water soluble-sugars. The beer in hashing keeps us casual runners both physically *and* mentally in the game to go farther, faster, longer.

 And, you know, with a little bit of a buzz.

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