Your Epochs

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warning!  This workout will destroy your upper body if you are planning on performing The CrossFit Games 12.5 Open workout.  Tread carefully.

Shoulder Prep

Warm up:
10 Bench Press w/empty bar
10 Bar taps
8 Bench Press light weight
8 Pull ups, strict
6 Bench Press moderate weight
6 Kipping Pull ups

5 rounds for max reps of:
Bodyweight bench press
Pull ups

Cool down:
3 rounds
10 Wall extensions (good luck with this, haha)
1 minute active hang


The sheer face.

Diso’s 5 part epic tale is something that most of us can all relate to, especially in CrossFit.  Ours is a journey few others will take, and even fewer will stay with.  I’ve noticed after 4 years of doing this time passes in epochs and hard lessons learned, and each year carries with it a different theme.

2008:  Excitement, potential, paradigm shifts, and the life changing effects of Paleo/Zone.
2009:  The bitter taste of DNF and DFL in official competition,  the dark place you can go to by focusing too much on your competition and not enough on your own progress, and how long it can take to come back. 
2010:  3 on/1 off Rx’d Main Site is a totally different beast than 3x to 4x week.  Everything that happened this year turned out to be something unexpectedly awesome.
2011:   Working on weaknesses DOES turn you into an unstoppable, killing machine.  Catastrophic injuries are a gift, taught me humility, and forced me to grow into a more mature, patient, and centered athlete.
2012:  Unwritten . . .  

Understandably, most of you don’t have years under your belt.  If it’s been months here is a sample:

Month 1:  Stay conscious and don’t die.
Month 2:  How am I supposed to move around with all this soreness?
Month 3:  Finish the workout!

Post your epochs and lessons to comments.


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