Something Old, Something New

Saturday, March 16th, 2012

Shoulder Prep
Rack Mobility of choice (banded, triceps mash)

Warm up, with progressively heavier loads:
3 rounds of
Clean grip deadlift with small jump, shrug, and the hook grip! x 10
Hang power clean with quarter squat catch x 10
Push jerk x 10

Load up to a heavier Power Clean and Push Jerk 3-3-3

Five rounds for time:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

Cool down:
Standing Pike stretch, 1 minute
Active Bar Hang, 1 minute cumulative
Bottom of squat, 2 minutes


Garrett of CrossFit Zen and Rico demonstrate excellent spotting for the Back Squat.  Both of them themselves are in virtuous squatting technique and depth, weight on the heels, chest up, hands near but not on the bar, and fully concentrated on the barbell and the athlete.

I remember when Diso put this workout on his ‘What are you training for?’ board and he crushed his previous PR several months later.  Maintaining grip during the Hang power cleans, and grace under pressure during the push jerks, are where the money is at here.


Russian Scientists Grow Pleistocene-era Plants From Seeds Buried by Squirrels 30,000 years ago, Popsci

Russian and Korean Researchers Will Inject Mammoth DNA Into Elephant Eggs, Resurrecting 10,000 year old beast, Popsci

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