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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A few last minute spots opened up for the Joshua Tree trip this weekend!

Sampson Stretch, 30 seconds each leg
Foam Roll Calves, 1 minute each leg

100 meter Carioca (50 meters each way)
20 Good Mornings with Barbell
20 Jumping Squats with Barbell
100 meter sprint (50 meters forward, 50 meters backwards)

Workout of the Day:
For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

Cool Down:
5 Bridge Wall Walks
L-sit, accumulate 60 seconds
5 Bridge Wall Walks
Hollow Hold, accumulate 60 seconds

Congratulations to Courtneyrose, Aimes and Caroline for attending their Level 1 CrossFit Certification class this weekend!

Stoked to see so many people taking advantage of their weekends!  Check out what else our members were up to…


Flores, B-Dubs, and Ash represent at the Tough Mudder

We had at least 4 other members participate in this race and I’ve heard only great things!  We already have a team gathering for the next one!  The date of the event is Saturday, July 7th, 2012 and the race is at Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs, CA (about 2 hours away).  Check here for registration details!


Colin (on the right) is all smiles after his 50k!

Yeah, I thought it was a typo too!  That’s right, he ran around 30 miles on Saturday, and he wasn’t even registered for the event!  He helped pace his buddy that ran the event.  Then he did 87 burpees for the CrossFit Games on Sunday.  Bad.  Ass.  Read below for a few of his thoughts on the event:

This past weekend I paced a buddy of mine, Ryan Bannister, for the Ray Miller 50km trail run in the Santa Monica mountains. It was en epic run, 50km, 6,000ft of vertical climb, 7 hours on our feet, trekking up and down single track and fire trail.   The race started in La Jolla Canyon north of Malibu, bright and early at 6am just as the sun was coming up.  We began on single track up the first 1,000ft climb, great way to warm-up!  We were like ants, climbing the hills in unison, one behind the other, wondering what the day would entail.  At the top we started to spread out as there was room to pass and be passed.  The first 13 miles went by pretty smoothly, runners were chatty, hills were manageable….As we hit the Hell Hill the pace slowed drastically, there’s no running up this hill.  At the top we weren’t even half done with the 50km and the quads were burning, but…Sad to say there was no such thing as a nice easy down hill, at this point down hill was just as bad, if not worse than uphill climbs, by mile 20 our quads were burning to the point we were looking forward to up hill climbs as opposed to descents, still with only two-thirds of the run done, we had a ways to go….All we had to do was one more 1,000ft climb over two miles and then leave the rest to gravity.  That 1,000ft was the longest ascent of my life, not helping matters was a mountain biker who told us the peak was “just around the corner”, you could tell he was a country boy, his frame of reference for “just around the corner” was about a mile, we were thinking a city block…While it felt like an eternity, we hit the finish in 7hrs, we were completely drained but the accomplishment overcame all else, we were stoked!  The run was highlighted by some of the best views in Cali (that’s what I had to tell myself as motivation to get to the top, and the trip was definitely worth it!).



Chee celebrated her birthday with a few of us by going for a climb at the Riverside Quarry.  (A little something to wet your appetite for this weekend!)

Keep sending us pictures and tales of your adventures!  I love this stuff!

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