Nice Spread!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hip Prep

Jog 800 meters

Coaches choice of 2 POSE drills, done 2 times each:
(i.e.  Falling drill, Wall drill, carioca, Partner drill, Exaggerated pull drill)

3 “Build ups”:  Run less than 100 meters building up to a 75%, 85%, then 95% sprint toward the end.

Full recovery, then

8 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Rest 90 seconds

Post total time to comments not including the 8th rest.

Cool down with 2 to 3 rounds, not for time, of 10 light kettlebell swings, 10 Pull ups, 10 GHD Sit ups, and 10 Hip Extensions. 

Frank Agzarian 21:32, Jamie Aron 21:45

photo 127

Red’s POSE.

This workout is a classic pacing tool for runners, but can also be soul crushing if you let it.

  One of Track Master Franks’ pearls of wisdom was to choose a pace you can maintain for all 8 laps, because the 90 seconds rest goes by very fast, and taking off out the gate would be an unwise decision for many.


This Saturday also marks a first for the gym in that there are two CrossFit competitions going on at the same time, West Coast WOD Wars in Simi Valley, and NLI in Orange County, and we have a nice spread of athletes competing in both.    

At NLI we have the veteran CF monster McCoy, and enthusiastic first time competitors Alexi, our rowing coach, and Francisco, the 830pm anchor. 

The WOD Wars is a 2 person, co-ed competition in Simi Valley.  CF veterans Brandon Young and Sondra, as well as Zeb and Lara, will be representing.

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