Newtrition Challenge winners!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hip Mobility with Band, 2 minutes each leg

5-4-3-2-1 reps for quality of:
1 Arm Kettlebell swings, right arm
Pistols, right leg
1 Arm Kettlebell swings, left arm
Pistols, left leg

Build up to weight, then perform the following

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Try to maintain the same heavy weight for all 5 sets.  Don’t forget the progressions and maybe even try Sumo stance today if you have never tried it before!

then with a partner, each perform 10 Rounds for time:
Row 125 meters
Rest only as long as it takes to switch out partners and reset the monitor.  If performing solo, rest 30 seconds between rounds.

Captain Red

A big congratulations to all participants of the 8 week Newtrition Challenge!  No matter where you placed or how long you lasted, you have knowledge that will last you the rest of your life!  There are two categories of winners:  Points earned and Percent Improved.  The First Place winners from each category will receive a month’s free membership, $300 cash and 10 free Brian’s Bowls!  Huge Congratulations to all the participants and winners alike!

Point Winners:
Keeping track of your daily habits like sleep, water intake, nutrition and exercise levels is no easy task.  We have awarded a weekly winner each week for the past 8 weeks, with the last week being awarded to Jess Legge!  Watch the video explanation of the scoring here and check out the participants scoresheets here.

Your top three points scorers are…

First Place Points- San
With a whopping 908 points, San dominated the field by making the majority of his meals Paleo/Zone.  I look forward to finding out more about how he made this possible!  Congrats San!  Check out his perfomance stats below:

Cindy: 15 rounds +7 squats, versus, 19 rounds +5 pullups
“Not the Total”:  OHS 175/Bench 185/Clean 215- 575lb Total, versus, OHS 195/ Bench 205/ Clean 245- 645lb Total
“Gymnastic Total”:  2 MU, 6 HSPU, 41sec L sit=49 total, versus, 5 MU, 8 HSPU, 58 sec L sit=71 total score

Second Place Points – Caroline
One of our most senior members, Caroline excelled throughout this challenge.  She not only took her nutrition to another level, but her training as well.  We posted previously about her dedication to the Pose running program and she can now perform unassisted kipping pullups as well!  Check out her stats below:

Cindy:  8 rounds + 5 Pushups, versus, 12 rounds + 3 Pushups
Hanging L-sit / Max Dips:  39 seconds / 9 dips, versus, 42 seconds / 14 dips
2K Row: 8:47, versus, 8:04

Third Place Points – Maru
The winner of our previous Nutrition Challenge, Maru is a true competitor on all levels!  She proves to us all that the end of the challenge is not the end of the journey.  Check out the stats below:

Cindy:  Cindy 8 rounds +7 Push Ups,versus, 10 rounds plus 3Push Ups
“Not the Total”:  Clean 100/OHS 100/ Bench 107, versus, Clean 105 (OHS/Bench are unavailable due to recovering shoulder)
L-sit/Strict pullups:  10.71 second Lsit/ 5 strict pullups, versus, 27.97 second Lsit/ 6 strict pullups


Percent Improvement Winners:
Showing up regularly is only half the battle.  We tested across multiple domains, and understood that depending upon what challenge the athletes decided upon, there was a chance for some big percent improvement numbers.  We weren’t disappointed!  Before we reveal the individual winners, here are a few statistics from the participants as a whole:

Average improvement on Cindy:  34%
Average number of seconds improved in 2 minute Handstand test:  17 seconds
Average improvement per individual Challenge (Totals, 2k row, etc):  31%

Your top three percentage scores are…

First Place Percentage – Dutch
Another long time member, I’m never sure when Dutch will be around, but he has been doing his homework.  Not making any excuses with his travels, he continues to train and eat well and it shows!  Awesome job!  Stats below:

Cindy:  14 rounds + 7 push ups, versus, 17 rounds and 3 pull ups
5K run:  22:48, versus, 21:16
L sit/ Strict pull ups: 27 seconds & 6 strict pull ups, versus, 61 seconds and 11 strict pullups!
2 minute hand stand: 42 seconds, versus, 67 seconds

Second Place PercentageBao
One of our newer members, Bao shows up early and works hard every day.  He had already been zoning for a couple weeks when the challenge began, I remember he was trying to eat sweet potatoes for every carb block!  Whatever he ended up doing, it worked!  Check out the stats below:

Cindy: 9 rounds, versus, 11 rounds+ 2 Pull ups
2k Row: 9.02.8, versus, 8.14.8
L-sit/ Strict Pullups: 26.80 seconds/ 2 pull ups, versus, 55:00 seconds/ 4 pull ups
2 min handstand: 29 seconds, versus, 59 seconds


Third Place Percentage – Maru
There’s that name again!  Even with an injury at the end, you still managed to pull it off!  Congrats again, check the stats above!


Check out these other amazing performances with improvements by 50% or more:

Jillian:  6 rounds, versus, 10 rounds 1 Push-up (70% improvement)
Lesley:  6 rounds 8push ups, versus, 10 rounds 4 push ups (60% improvement)
Lindsey:  7 rounds 5 Push-Ups, versus, 11 rounds (50% improvement)


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