The end is the beginning…

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Newtrition Challenge has officially ended!  Make sure you get your data logged in and perform your final Challenge workouts!


2 Rounds for quality of:

10 Wall squats

10 Wall extensions

25 Double unders

10 Ghd sit ups

10 Ghd hip extensions

Mobilize as needed and perform:

Back Sqaut 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Cool Down:

4 rounds:

Max reps heavy wall ball in 1 minute. (30/20)

Rest 1 minute.

Post loads and reps to comments.  Compare to 6/13/2011


The winners of the Newtrition Challenge will be declared as soon as we have everyone’s final workout results.  Please get them to us asap!  You may choose to perform these instead of whatever is programmed for the day.  For some of you, this has been a long 2 months checkered with some good days/weeks, some not so good.  I think for a lot of you, an awareness has been created that maybe wasn’t there before, and for this reason alone, the challenge was successful.  After all, this was meant to be a launching off point where by you become more responsible for your food choices, your lifestyle habits, and ultimately your health.  It’s all up to you!  Keep tweaking, experimenting, and assessing what works and what doesn’t. How many of you went “strict paleo” only to find yourself eating fruit and nuts all day with less than optimal results?  Keep refining.  It’s a process that never ends.  What’s the biggest thing you learned over the course of the challenge?

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