Sweet Potato, Bacon and Egg Salad

Here it is! Finally got around to posting a recipe for the epic bacon sweet potato salad I made for the MOTHAF$%@ BOAT!

It was discovered by my friend on livingpaleo.

com and it is equally delicious served warm or cold. I made it twice so far, both times with homemade paleo mayo which I think is a must. 🙂 Enjoy! Mama Diso

Sweet Potato Bacon Egg Salad


1 small to medium sweet potato, diced
2 eggs
8 slices of bacon, diced
1 Tbs coconut oil
4 Tbs dill, finely chopped
2 Tbs mayonnaise
2 Tbs lemon juice


Place eggs in small sauce pan, cover with cold water, cover pan and place over high heat until just before boiling.
Remove from heat and let sit, covered, for 13 minutes.
Immediately rinse in cold water, peel eggs, dice and set aside.
Meanwhile, dice sweet potato.
Heat skillet over medium-high. When hot, add bacon and cook for 5 minutes. Add diced sweet potato and continue to cook until potato is tender and bacon is fully cooked.
In a small bowl, mix dill, mayonnaise and lemon juice.
Add eggs, sweet potato and bacon, and mix. Serve warm or cold.

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